• The cover of the book The Roosevelt I Knew

    The Roosevelt I Knew

    She would go on to be named the first woman ever appointed to the U.S. Cabinet, serving as Secretary of Labor for FDR’s administration, but Frances Perkins began as a young social worker who met the future president at a dance in 1910. She became his trusted advisor and friend and her account of the interior life of the 32nd President is fascinating. In turn, we learn more about Perkins and her unflappable cool as she fought for labor rights—including the adoption of social security, unemployment insurance, and minimum wage—in the United States.

  • The cover of the book  41


    An intimate biography of George H. W. Bush, America’s 41st President, as told through the eyes of his son, 43rd President George W. Bush. The biography spans the elder Bush’s life, from his service in World War II to his early career in Texas oil to his political ascent and his eventual two-term presidency, and touches on the ways he influenced his son. A unique look at this political figure.

  • The cover of the book The Bridge

    The Bridge

    David Remnick, Pulitzer-Prize winner and longtime editor of The New Yorker, applies his journalistic sensibilities to the life of our first African-American president Barack Obama. Through in-depth interviews with Obama’s teachers, mentors, friends, and family, he paints a nuanced portrait of a man whose meteoric path from law student to Commander-in-Chief was inspired by the work of black leaders who came before him.