• The cover of the book Weaving Within Reach

    Weaving Within Reach

    In Anne Weil’s new book, she turns her attention to weaving, the hottest trend in crafting, to bring you 30 modern weaving projects like you’ve never seen—within easy reach of a weaving beginner or seasoned pro. Weaving’s the perfect hobby for creating home or clothing accessories that look plucked from your favorite stores. Here are Pinterest-worthy projects for creating earrings, clutches, pillows, wall hangings, and more, all organized by skill level. From absolute beginner to intermediate, Weaving Within Reach allows you to craft at your comfort level, even if you don’t yet know the difference between the warp and the weft.

  • The cover of the book Knitting Without Needles

    Knitting Without Needles

    Who knew you could actually knit without needles? Put down those complicated knitting projects that take forever to finish. Knitting Without Needles brings cool home décor and clothing accessories—cowls, totes, rugs, poufs, scarves, and more—within arm’s reach. An all-in-one resource for a new kind of craft, this book shows you how to loop yarn with your fingers or forearms, with 30 patterns that are simple to follow and produce stylish results. Best of all, many of them knit up fast—in less than an hour!

  • The cover of the book Make and Mend

    Make and Mend

    Do you have a pile of clothes you’ve been meaning to mend for months? Or a group of garments shoved to the back of your closet that could use a little sprucing? Enter Jessica Marquez’s book, Make and Mend, a thoughtful guide to the Japanese art of sashiko. This beautiful guidebook outlines the tenets of a striking hand-sewing method used to form thread-based geometric patterns on clothing and textiles. Fifteen projects will show you how to apply sashiko stitching to a variety of craft projects: repairing torn jeans, mending a ripped hem, and making decorative pillows, napkins, and other textiles for your home.

  • The cover of the book Little Felted Dogs

    Little Felted Dogs

    What’s cuter than a snuggly pup on a fall day? A teeny-tiny, felted snuggly pup on a fall day! Dive into this gem of a book to learn about needle felting and creating your own charming miniature dogs. Great for beginners, the two dozen projects in this book provide surprisingly lifelike results—choose from a litter of golden retriever puppies, a pug ready to fetch, a begging bulldog, a protective chihuahua, and other cuties. You’ll be turning balls of fluff into perfect pooches in no time at all.

  • The cover of the book Cutting Machine Crafts

    Cutting Machine Crafts

    If you have a Cricut, Silhouette, or Brother cutting machine, this introductory crafting book is for you. Get inspired and learn from the experts as you flip through Lia Griffith’s 50 charming projects. It’s as easy as 1-2-3: enter a code online to download the free SVG templates; feed the paper, vinyl, or fabric into your machine; then follow the easy instructions and watch your project come to life. Find patterns to decorate your mug, paper succulents to arrange as a centerpiece, and forest friends to display in a nursery.

  • The cover of the book Crepe Paper Flowers

    Crepe Paper Flowers

    With 30 projects and an introduction to working with crepe paper and paper flowers, this book is full of inspiration and expert advice for beginners. If you have a Cricut Maker, you can download the templates to your machine and enjoy your own homemade bouquets in no time, or do it the old-fashioned way and grab your favorite pair of scissors. Crepe paper is the best material for creating paper flowers because it’s forgiving and malleable—easy to cut, bend, curl, and shape into peony petals, daffodil trumpets, chrysanthemum blooms, and more.

  • The cover of the book The Hygge Life

    The Hygge Life

    As hygge has nestled its way into the cultural zeitgeist, our anticipation for fall has been fueled by the desire to get cozy when the weather cools. Hygge—which loosely translates to “coziness”—is a Nordic lifestyle trend that embraces small gestures and big undertakings as a means of creating comfort and contentment in one’s life. This cookbook-meets-lifestyle guide is chock-full of photographic inspiration, handy tips, and comforting recipes to help you curate your own hygge haven this season.

  • The cover of the book A Well-Crafted Home

    A Well-Crafted Home

    Every person has a specific style, but no store or brand can totally match it. To really personalize your space and make it feel unique, DIY projects are the way to go. With 50-plus handmade projects for every room in your house, this book is the perfect marriage of craft and home design. Hand-make everything, from a sewn leather pillow for the bedroom to a pendant lamp and large-scale print for the living room to a wooden planter and tea towels for the kitchen. There’s no craft you can’t conquer!