• The cover of the book Attachments


    Despite the fact that they know their work email is monitored, Jennifer and Beth continue to exchange details about their personal lives online. Lincoln’s job as internet security officer has him reading these emails, among others. He starts to fall for Beth, but how can he act on his feelings without exposing his secret?

  • The cover of the book Tell Me Lies

    Tell Me Lies

    Maddie’s life in small-town Ohio is a complete disaster that includes an unfaithful husband, meddling neighbors, and a daughter who’s asking way too many questions. Now that the man she lost her virginity to is hanging around, there’s no way she can avoid scandal.

  • The cover of the book I've Got Your Number

    I've Got Your Number

    Poppy and Sam are thrown together under ridiculous circumstances: Poppy loses her engagement ring and has her phone stolen during a fire drill. When she finds Sam’s phone in a trash can, she decides to keep it. As one might expect, Sam’s initially unimpressed with Poppy as she uses his phone to nose into his life. Both are in for quite the surprise!

  • The cover of the book Romance Is My Day Job

    Romance Is My Day Job

    This memoir reads like fiction. Patience has been obsessed with romance novels since her teen years and is now an adult, editing books for Harlequin. Why isn’t her love life more like that of her favorite books? A storybook romance is literally thousands of miles away…is it worth the real-life risk?

  • The cover of the book I Take You

    I Take You

    In the words of bestselling author Gary Shteyngart, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I Take You is the funniest book I’ve read all year. I drank four bottles of chardonnay by myself because I couldn’t get to a book club fast enough. Eliza Kennedy makes infidelity sexy again!”