• If you’re indecisive about love like Jessica…

  • The cover of the book Marry Him

    Marry Him

    Throughout the show, Jessica struggled to choose between two guys—Barnett and Mark. Barnett, the playboy, appeared to be the kind of guy that Jessica’s normally gone after, whereas Mark, the sweetheart, was willing to give Jessica a long-lasting, sustainable relationship. However, Mark was not Jessica’s typical type—he was younger, shorter, too emotionally available. Lori’s book in no way says we should settle for less but offers an eye-opening perspective on how having a checklist hinders us from meeting our potential mates. She discusses what’s important by distinguishing between wants and needs. A great read for anyone wondering why they can’t find the one.

  • If you’re an idealist like Mark…

  • The cover of the book The Psychology of Romantic Love

    The Psychology of Romantic Love

    Mark knew he found the one as soon as he heard Jessica’s voice. They connected over their shared hometowns, familial love, and religion. However, Jessica chose Barnett over Mark—then came back to Mark once Barnett rejected her. There were a lot of mixed signals coming from Jessica that Mark wholeheartedly wanted to work through. While we applaud Mark on wanting to try to make it work with Jessica… he was getting shortchanged. The Psychology of Romantic Love explores what love is, how it grows, how it dies, and how we can make it last. Perfect for those trying to better understand what love could look like.

  • If you’re a commitment-phobe like Barnett…

  • The cover of the book Decisive


    In the beginning of the show, Barnett struggled to commit to one of three women: Amber, Jessica, and LC. At one point, he told Jessica he was ready to marry her, only to tell her the next day that his feelings had changed overnight. Indecisive or what? If you find yourself in situations like these often, check out Decisive. While it’s not solely written for matters of the heart, it offers insight into how decision-making works, as well as a four-step process to help you overcome biases that may lead you astray.

  • If you’re a wild child like Amber and ready to enter the next phase of your life…

  • The cover of the book You Are a Badass at Making Money

    You Are a Badass at Making Money

    Amber is a no-nonsense kind of person who knows what she wants and goes after it—in this case, Barnett. She never once doubted he’d choose her and, well, she was right. However, once the two start prepping for their wedding, we learn that Amber does not have it together financially, looking to rely on Barnett to support her while she figures it out. You Are a Badass at Making Money is a book that lays out a roadmap for financial independence in an accessible step-by-step approach. The book offers advice to uncover what’s holding you back from making money and change what you know about finances and saving. Bonus: Jen Sincero is just as funny and straight-talking as Amber.

  • If you are constantly self-sabotaging like Gigi…

  • The cover of the book Why Are We Yelling?

    Why Are We Yelling?

    Gigi is a passionate firecracker who wears her emotions on her sleeve. If something bothers her, you’ll know. This often pushes her match, Damien, to retreat and to say she’s self-sabotaging. Sure, that could be true, but maybe Gigi never learned how to diffuse tense situations and have a productive disagreement with someone she cares for. Why Are We Yelling?  divulges that conflict can be used to deepen relationships and solve problems if channeled properly. Check this out if you’re looking for ways to communicate more effectively when you feel you’re put on the defensive.

  • If you always avoid hard conversations like Damien…

  • The cover of the book Emotional Agility

    Emotional Agility

    Damien and Gigi’s relationship is the epitome of “opposites attract.” Damien keeps to himself and doesn’t overshare. He does open up about losing his job by coming on the show but keeps us at arm’s length. We see him compartmentalize feelings and avoid digging into them with Gigi. If this sounds like you, Emotional Agility may be a great read—offering insight into how to address and adapt to change and setbacks. It offers an alternative way of thinking and approaching the stresses in life so we can allow our true potential to manifest.

  • If you’re analytical like Cameron…

  • The cover of the book Love Match

    Love Match

    Cameron and Lauren’s relationship made us swoon and believe in fairytales. Cameron is an analytical scientist who came onto the show to test a hypothesis. He didn’t think he’d walk away with his soulmate from a reality TV show. Cameron is emotionally available, considerate, and attentive. If you find yourself resonating with Cameron, or even wanting to find a Cameron, Love Match may be a good book to pick up. It discusses everything from the different types of intimacy to attachment styles to the five love languages—all of which will help prepare you to find and nurture love.

  • If you’re a strong, independent woman like Lauren…

  • The cover of the book More Than Enough

    More Than Enough

    Lauren is funny, down-to-earth, and genuine. You can’t help but root for her and Cameron. They both came on the show with no expectations and walked away winning big. Lauren is independent and owns her space—as she should! If you want to read about a similarly strong woman, check out More Than Enough. The author writes a motivating biography that unpacks lessons on race, identity, and success. Something both women share is their desire to trust their gut and recognize they are more than enough to handle any obstacle that comes their way.