Liz Welch on People Magazine’s Rave Review of The Kids Are All Right

The remarkable, heart-wrenching, funny and real story of the Welch family.

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Diana heard the news first, and speed dialed Liz Welch– “I just got an email that says we are in People Magazine!” she said. Liz went to the nearest newsstand, opened to page 67 and Liz promptly burst into tears. he called Diana: “It’s the lead review!” she said. “There are two photos and a book jacket image that takes up 1/4 of the page!” She next called Dan and Amanda and read the review to each verbatim. The Kids Are All Right was a making waves.

Following a 3 1/2 out of 4 star review, this is what it said:

“Each truth is our own,” declare the authors of this astonishing group memoir about memory, resilience, and four orphans who refused to be broken by loss. In 1983 the Welch children’s investment banker dad died in a car crash, leaving the family deep in debt. Their soap-star mom succumbed to cancer soon after, and while 19-year-old Amanda lost herself in drugs and punk rock at college, Liz, 16, Dan, 14, and Diana, 8, were wrenched apart. Liz stayed with a family she babysat for. Troubled Dan bounced from home to home. But Diana had it the hardest, living with a family bent on erasing her past and denying access to her beloved siblings. In indelible voices, each Welch contradicts, embellishes or supports the others’ memories, creating a blisteringly funny, heart-scorching tale of remarkable kids shattered by tragedy and finally brought back together by love.” –Caroline Leavitt, October 5, 2009, People Magazine

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