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The Office star of our hearts has us covered in the book department.


While Jenna Fischer may be best known for playing Pam from The Office—or possibly as Lena in the new sitcom Splitting Up Together—she’s recently taken on a new role as an author. After writing a viral post full of advice for new actors, she decided to write The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide, a book based on her own experiences in Hollywood, full of tips for people breaking into the business.

When Jenna’s not busy writing, acting, or recounting favorite memories from The Office, she makes time to read and share those titles with her followers. Here are the books she’s been reading, which we’re sure will be a great addition to your own Finer Things Club.

I brought my computer, a novel, newspaper, magazine and downloaded a podcast for my 56 minute flight to Tucson. Will I have enough to do!? (Seriously, I don’t think they serve a beverage because the flight is so short.) #overprepared #tucsonfestivalofbooks

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Even for a short flight, Jenna makes sure she has a novel ready. Here, she’s reading This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel while on her way to Tucson.

It must be great to have a friend who’s not only a children’s book author but is also willing to read his book to your kids. Luckily for Jenna, B. J. Novak held a private book club for her and their Office co-star Angela Kinsey’s children, featuring his book, The Book With No Pictures. 

Jenna doesn’t just enjoy writing books about life as an actor, she also loves reading them. She was super excited to finish Steve Martin’s book Born Standing Up, even calling it “perfection.”

Never shy to post a shelfie, here Jenna shares a picture with The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell to help donate books to children in need.

Okay! Ready to learn everything! #ilovescience #getsmartergetsexier

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Ready for a crash course on the universe, Jenna was eager to read A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. #GetSmarterGetSexier indeed.

#tbt At Heathrow Airport, cold, reading. #ymata #londoniscold #themeoftheday

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What better way to Throwback Thursday than a picture with a great book? Jenna brought a copy of Yes Please by Amy Poehler on her trip to chilly London.

While Pam and Dwight might not have always gotten along on The Office, Jenna and Rainn Wilson have clearly stayed friends. Here she is reading his memoir, The Bassoon King.

Books always make the best gifts, especially when it’s one you wouldn’t usually get for yourself. Jenna was pleasantly surprised at how much she loved the photography book her husband gifted her: Overview by Benjamin Grant.

Jenna was not only super enthusiastic about her book The Actor’s Life being published, but she couldn’t wait to meet fans while out on tour. That’s our kind of lady.

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