Justina Batchelor’s Read It Forward Moment: I Totally Meant to Do That by Jane Borden

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little-love-story-coverWatch Kira’s Read It Forward Moment: when she passed on A Little Love Story by Roland Merullo to a complete stranger on a plane.

dreams-of-joy-coverEnjoy Heather’s Read It Forward Moment: when she passed on Dreams of Joy by Lisa See to her grandmother.

I_TOTALLY_MEANT_TO_DO_THATJustina’s Read It Forward book is Jane Borden’s I Totally Meant to Do That. “This book is Jane Borden’s transformation from southern belle to Brooklyn hipster,” says book publicist Justina Batchelor, “it’s about being a southerner in the city, which I can relate to because I am one myself. So I passed this book on to all the other southerners in the city I know. But because Jane is like a female David Sedaris, I think anyone with a sense of humor can really appreciate this book.” (Enjoy more adventures in reading with Justina: check out her video review of Rebecca Rasmussen’s novel The Bird Sisters.)

Jane Borden is an author, arts-and-entertainment magazine editor, and comedic performer in New York City. Her humorous writing has also appeared in two collections, The New York Times Magazine, and Modern Bride, and on Saturday Night Live. Like Cerberus, a griffin or one of those joints near Port Authority that’s both a Pizza Hut and a Taco Bell, Jane is a hybrid too horrifying to exist: a hipster-debutante. She was reared in a proper Southern home, and sent to boarding school, then a sorority. She next moved to New York and discovered that none of this grooming meant a lick to anyone. In fact, she hid her past—it was easier than explaining what a debutante “does” (answer: not much). Her memoir in essays, I Totally Meant to Do That, is available wherever books are sold.

Visit Jane at JaneBorden.com, on Twitter @JaneBorden, and check out all the rave reviews on Goodreads.

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