• The cover of the book The Dreamers

    The Dreamers

    Trying to catch up on sleep this holiday? The characters in Karen Thompson Walker’s sophomore novel fall asleep…and can’t wake up. What starts with one college student turns into an entire town succumbing to the epidemic. Doctors can’t figure it out—all they know is, while people are asleep, their brains are wild with activity. What are they all dreaming about?

  • The cover of the book A Song for You

    A Song for You

    Robyn Crawford was Whitney Houston’s BFF—the two met in the 80s as teenagers and grew and evolved together as Whitney’s career took off and she experienced both a meteoric rise to fame and the crumbling lows of heartbreak and addiction. A deeply personal and powerful account of a friendship cut tragically short.

  • The cover of the book We Must Be Brave

    We Must Be Brave

    In the panic-stricken evacuation of Southampton during December of 1940, newly married Ellen Parr finds a sleeping girl in the backseat of a bus. No one claims to know her, and despite believing she never wanted children, Ellen takes Pamela into her life. After three wonderful years, Pamela is wrenched away and Ellen is devastated, scarred by the war in more ways than one.

  • The cover of the book Taína


    This novel combines magical realism with coming-of-age in a gritty urban setting and the results are luminous. When Julio hears that Taína, a fifteen-year-old girl in his class, is pregnant and yet is still claiming to be a virgin, he decides to believe her. His history of strange visions, love for Taína, and blind faith will lead him to question what he knows and discover what he doesn’t.

  • The cover of the book The Confession Club

    The Confession Club

    What begins as a supper club—a group of friends sharing recipes and making dishes—changes radically when a woman reveals something startingly intimate. From then on, it becomes a confession club, a safe space to open up to misdeeds, insecurities, and fears, and the club begins to offer these women the love and support they need.

  • The cover of the book Pop Science

    Pop Science

    If you listen to the lyrics of most pop songs, their artists pose some pretty big questions (What is love? Is there life on Mars? How will I know? Have you ever seen the rain? Should I stay or should I go? Where have all the cowboys gone?) In this volume, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist James Ball uses data, science and facts to find—often hysterical, yet accurate—answers.