Jennifer Skiff’s God Stories

Ever had someone who claimed a moment with the divine? Jennifer Skiff has compiled those stories in her book.

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God Stories by Jennifer Skiff is a collection of inspiring stories describing the moment when people received personal proof God exists.

“A wide range of heavenly touches, everything from quiet hugs to stunning out-of-body experiences.”—Joan Wester Anderson, author of Where Angels Walk and Angels and Wonders

“A bouquet of inspiring stories…for the believer and nonbeliever alike.”
—Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way

Have you ever experienced a miracle? A prayer was answered or an accident was averted? For many, these mysterious and inspiring events are proof positive that God exists. This collection of life-changing stories celebrates the breakthrough moments when the hand of a divine power is felt: A doctor opens the chest of a dying heart patient to discover her heart is healed; Marines watch as a fellow soldier in Iraq is hit by a powerful explosion but remains uninjured; a young woman loses her boyfriend on 9/11 and receives a message that brings her peace.

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Reassuring, hopeful, and unforgettable, these amazing confirmations of divine intervention will lift your spirits and leave you wondering–and even remembering–when your life was touched by a miracle.

Jennifer Skiff’s award-winning career as an international television journalist includes more than a decade as an investigative correspondent for CNN. Her specialty is the environment and among other industry honors, she has received the prestigious Environmental Media Award.

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JENNIFER SKIFF is an award-winning investigative journalist who traveled the world for more than a decade as a correspondent and producer for CNN. She divides her time between Maine, London, and Australia.

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