• The cover of the book Out on the Wire

    Out on the Wire

    As anyone who’s been addicted to “Serial,” or who never misses a weekly installment of “This American Life” can attest, narrative storytelling is an extremely powerful tool. Podcasts and radio programs that use personal stories to help us understand ourselves and the world around us a bit better aren’t just a fad—they introduce a whole new way of listening. Cartoonist Jessica Abel goes behind the scenes of narrative radio (including fan favorites “Radiolab” and “The Moth”) and the result is this stunning (and staggeringly funny) graphic novel that is an innovative story about innovative storytelling.

  • The cover of the book Design the Life You Love

    Design the Life You Love

    Get out your pencils and pens. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and pull up a chair. It’s time to design the life you love! If you or someone you know is ready to make some real life changes—and have fun while doing it, this is the book you’ll need. Unlike most self-help books, “Design the Life You Love” doesn’t tell you how to improve your life; it challenges you through reflection, imagination, listing, and drawing to become a more conscience participant in the “design” of your life. This beautifully illustrated book is a playful and practical step-by-step guide to self-discovery. It’s the perfect gift for anyone looking for an alternative to the traditional self-help rhetoric.

  • The cover of the book Styled


    Ever look at gorgeous homes in magazines or on Pinterest and wonder how they look so chic and put-together? The answer is simple: it’s all due to the magic of prop stylists—people whose job it is to stack books, arrange knick-knacks and toss blankets effortlessly across the backs of couches. Now, you, too can take home the magic of a prop stylist—in a book. Emily Henderson, host of HGTV’s “Secrets of a Stylist,” has put all her tricks in one place. From arranging your bookshelves, to artfully displaying your, well, art, to creating a focal point that draws the eye, Henderson’s tips are as valuable as the gold trinkets she suggests layering your coffee table with. The perfect gift for the hostess with the mostess.

  • The cover of the book Creative Confidence

    Creative Confidence

    Brothers David Kelley and Tom Kelley, experts in innovation and design, join forces in this book to challenge the myth that only certain parts of the population possess natural, creative capabilities. They make the case that creativity is fundamentally human and that we all have the potential to be highly creative and imaginative. By nurturing and utilizing the specific strategies, techniques and principles demonstrated in this book, we can learn to tap into our creative capacity. “Creative Confidence” is an entertaining and inspiring read and is the perfect gift for the innovator in your life!

  • The cover of the book The Time Chamber

    The Time Chamber

    As children, our energy seems to run on an endless source of power we call imagination, taking us on impossibly magical journeys. As adults, we sometimes lose that sensibility, that freedom to go where imagination leads us, to break the rules, and draw all over life’s pages. Do you know someone who could use a dose of imagination, perhaps has stood on the sidelines, scoffing at the novelty of adult coloring books, all the while wondering what if? Or why not? This is the book for them.

  • The cover of the book Q&A a Day for Creatives

    Q&A a Day for Creatives

    This four-year journal is a way to get you comprehending creatively every day. Out-of-the-box prompts on each page will get you thinking—and drawing—in whole new ways (for example: You’re lost at sea. What does the lighthouse that saves you look like? Or: Design a hat for the Kentucky Derby). Bonus: studies have shown that getting artistic once a day sharpens the mind and improves memory, focus and problem solving. So grab those pencils and get started!

  • The cover of the book Unthink


    Erik Wahl is a world-renowned graffiti artist and entrepreneur who believes creativity is inside all of us—not just in a certain few. His book teaches you how to tap into it by remembering how you thought—or, rather, didn’t think—as a child, before you were taught how to reason logically, assess risk or find ordered solutions. He argues that, by harkening back to our kid-like sense of play, we can better work together as adults—inside and outside of the workplace.

  • The cover of the book Art Students League of New York on Painting

    Art Students League of New York on Painting

    The Art Students League of New York was founded in 1875 to help American artists hone their skills and craft. Since then, famous artists such as Maurice Sendak, Cy Twombly, Roy Lichtenstein, Georgia O’Keeffe, Thomas Eakins and Alexander Calder have all studied or taught in the school’s renowned classrooms. Now, those who aren’t students can benefit from the incredible instruction offered at the school. This book, broken up into ten chapters written by ten painting professors, offers concrete lessons in composition, process, color and perspective so that you, too, can perfect your skills. Who knows, perhaps the next Jackson Pollack is inside you, waiting to be released?