• The cover of the book New Erotica for Feminists

    New Erotica for Feminists

    If she dreams about equal pay, if she finds the idea of respecting women orgasmic, if the thought of a gender-balanced Congress sends her into ecstasy, then this satirical take on the question of what feminists really want (including empowering stories about feminists’ favorite heroines) is sure to be a hit.

  • The cover of the book Modern Gods

    Modern Gods

    Alison and Liz Donnelly may live on different continents, but they’re each grappling with life in this marvelous novel. Alison has married a man that, it turns out, she barely knows, while Liz is becoming entangled in a cargo cult. Both must face the ghosts of the past while charting a course through an uncertain and turbulent future.

  • The cover of the book Rad Girls Can

    Rad Girls Can

    Who said young people can’t make a difference? Rad Girls Can chronicles the experiences of contemporary and historical young women who made a lasting impact on the world by age 20. Teenagers everywhere are excelling at male-dominated sports, protesting against injustice, and rejecting discrimination, and this book rounds up just a few of them.

  • The cover of the book Horse


    If your sister is an animal lover, this ambitious coming-of-age story is sure to tug at her heartstrings. After she’s abandoned by her father, teenager Teagan French struggles to pick up the pieces of her life. She connects with Obsidian, the headstrong but beautiful horse that once belonged to her father, and it’s through training him that Teagan learns about love, loss, and all the moments in between.

  • The cover of the book White Chrysanthemum

    White Chrysanthemum

    Hana and Emi are sisters living in Korea under Japanese occupation during World War II. But they’re separated when Hana steps in to protect her sister from a Japanese soldier, and Emi never learns what becomes of her. Decades later, Hana’s sacrifice still haunts Emi, now living in the United States, as she becomes determined to figure out what happened to Hana once and for all.

  • The cover of the book Can You Tolerate This?

    Can You Tolerate This?

    This thoughtful collection of essays serves in many ways as author Ashleigh Young’s coming-of-age story. Balancing intimacy and candor on subjects such as body image and eating disorders with stories of historical figures that fascinate Young, this collection is a gorgeous meditation on growing up, falling in love, and figuring out who you are.

  • The cover of the book Unladylike


    If your sister’s hobbies include smashing the patriarchy, this is a book you should absolutely check out. Rather than being a humorous take on identifying as female or nonbinary in today’s world, Unladylike is a practical guide to pushing the conversation about intersectional feminism forward.

  • The cover of the book Food52 Cook in the Blank

    Food52 Cook in the Blank

    Following a recipe can be a great way to learn to cook, but what about the next step? That’s where Food 52 Cook in the Blank comes in. This fill-in-the-blank book of recipe templates will help you become more creative in your cooking, offering a guided way to improvise and think about how you cook in whole new ways.

  • The cover of the book Provocations


    “Provocative” is an apt word choice for Camille Paglia, who’s been changing the intellectual landscape for the past two decades. Her new essay collection features thought-provoking essays that span the range of Paglia’s thoughts on politics, art, pop culture, and more with her trademark honesty and candor.

  • The cover of the book Solace Island

    Solace Island

    After her fiancé leaves her just before their wedding, Maggie Harris moves to Solace Island with her sister, hoping to find some peace. What she doesn’t expect is to meet Luke Benson, a handsome neighbor, who ends up saving Maggie’s life when she’s almost run down by a car. Who is this mysterious Luke, and why would someone want to hurt Maggie?