• The cover of the book Besties


    We all know that your real bae is your bestie! This February, don’t forget to celebrate the person who has helped you through all the breakups, late night study sessions, and Netflix binge-a-thons with this adorable gift book of vibrant, charming vignettes by beloved artist, Leah Reena Goren, that illustrate the inseparable bond you share with your best friend.

  • The cover of the book Friends Forever Wherever Whenever

    Friends Forever Wherever Whenever

    Because your Galentine’s Day gift basket can always use more goodies! Friends Forever Wherever Whenever is the perfect way to let your best buds know how much they are loved and to inspire them with words of encouragement (while making them laugh so hard they snort their caramel macchiato out their nose). Friends Forever Wherever Whenever lets your friends know they’re priceless, whether you’ve known each other for years or just recently met.

  • The cover of the book Tokens of My Love

    Tokens of My Love

    For those of us who made coupon books for Mother’s Day year after year, a version for your BFFs is finally here! This stack of 24 redeemable love tokens has IOUs for everything from a night of dancing and emergency hangover coffee to a weekend getaway or a shoulder to cry on. With delightful illustrations from poppy print-lover Jordan Sondler, these tokens are a surefire way to any gal pal’s heart.

  • The cover of the book Love in Twelve Languages

    Love in Twelve Languages

    The ever-talented House Industries strikes again with a deliciously luxe boxed set of notecards. Tell your bestie you love them with one of twelve rose gold foil-stamped cards—each printed with the word “love” in a different language. Blank on the inside with phonetic spellings of the translations and packaged in a beautiful keepsake box, each of these twelve cards is a unique way to tell someone you care. These note cards feature love translated in English, Hebrew, French, Swedish, German, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.

  • The cover of the book Here's What I Love About You

    Here's What I Love About You

    Everyone can use a little love letter or some words of encouragement on Valentine’s Day! This prompted notepad encourages you to list the ways you love your friends and romantic partners. Each page in this delightfully sweet notepad bears a list-making prompt like, “Here’s what I feel when I see you…” and “Here’s what makes you charming…” Here’s What I Love About You is the perfect way spread love and support this Valentine’s Day and every day!

  • The cover of the book Do One Thing Every Day Together

    Do One Thing Every Day Together

    When your partner is your best friend—a valentine and a galentine all rolled into one—what better way to their heart than the gift of togetherness? The latest in Potter’s Do One Thing series, Do One Thing Every Day Together is a treat for couples, chock full of inspirational quotes and prompted reasons to unplug and spend some intimate, soul-searching time with your loved one. Giggle about your “firsts,” poke a little fun at your loved one for always leaving wet laundry in the dryer, and make plans to spend more time together—a little bit every day.

  • The cover of the book Donna Wilson Critter Cards

    Donna Wilson Critter Cards

    Need help delivering a sweet friendship message this Galentine’s Day? Let artist Donna Wilson’s imaginative menagerie of little creatures help you out! A box of twelve charming die-cut notecards and a sticker sheet feature critters with irresistibly expressive eyes, button noses and crooked smiles—all of which are sure to help spread the warm glow of love this February.

  • The cover of the book Start Where You Are Week-at-a-Glance Diary

    Start Where You Are Week-at-a-Glance Diary

    The Start Where You Are Week-at-a-Glance Diary is perpetual planner featuring illustrations and patterns from beloved illustrator Meera Lee Patel. Add this adorable week-at-a-glance diary to your Galentine’s Day gift bundle! With a bright watercolor cover and hand-lettered quotes of encouragement inside, this planner is a beautiful pop of color for any desk, and a great gift to help your friends stay task-oriented and inspired from week to week.