• The cover of the book The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz

    Classically fantastic and beloved by the young (and young at heart), this beloved story shows the lengths that Dorothy, Toto, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion will go to for each other, to defeat the Wicked Witch of the West, and reach the fabled Land of Oz.

  • The cover of the book Little Women

    Little Women

    Tracing the lives of four sisters, and the bonds that keep them together, Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women is a truly timeless novel. As their family endures the hardships of the Civil War, and their father’s absence, the sisters come of age and learn life’s hardest lessons.

  • The cover of the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    In Lewis Carroll’s iconic tale, resourceful Alice comes face to face with an array of fascinating, surreal, and even dangerous characters, from the Mad Hatter to the treacherous Queen of Hearts. Surviving the travails of childhood, and decidedly more mature situations, Alice has lessons for us all.

  • The cover of the book Nancy Drew Mystery Stories

    Nancy Drew Mystery Stories

    A great sleuth for all ages, Nancy Drew’s detective series has inspired readers for decades. On the trail of her very first case, The Secret of the Old Clock, Nancy seeks the truth behind a missing will, involving a little girl, her two great aunts, and more surprises than she bargained for!

  • The cover of the book The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials

    The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials

    In a mystical world where humans are linked with their animal daemons, inquisitive and orphaned Lyra finds herself pulled into a spiraling journey, one where she must find her friend, Roger, contend with the warnings of her mysterious uncle, Lord Asriel, and realize the truth behind the fabled Golden Compass.

  • The cover of the book The Hobbit (Movie Tie-in Edition)

    The Hobbit (Movie Tie-in Edition)

    Pulled into an adventure by the wizard Gandalf and a band of dwarves, the hobbit Bilbo Baggins soon finds himself at the center of a quest to confront a dangerous dragon and chase a magical ring. Laying the groundwork for The Lord of the Rings, it’s a magnificent tale unto itself!

  • The cover of the book The Secret Garden

    The Secret Garden

    Sent to live in Yorkshire after unimaginable tragedy strikes, young Mary soon hears of a whimsical secret garden, and sets out to discover it for herself. Forging ahead despite her illness, Mary’s determination marks an indomitable spirit, and demonstrates that healing can be found in the wildest of places.