• The cover of the book Lasagna


    Like the newest generation of royals, Hezel stays true to tradition while modernizing this King of Casseroles. Considering the “classics” section includes Ethiopian and slow cooker lasagnas, you can only imagine what spins she takes on the “not classics.” From Kale Pesto and Eggplant Parm to Red Wine-Braised Short Rib and Skillet Ravioli, you’ll be serving familiarity and innovation all in one dish.

  • The cover of the book Food52 Dynamite Chicken

    Food52 Dynamite Chicken

    Chicken might just be the one ingredient chefs across the globe can agree on, but where they can’t align is on how to cook it. Showcasing dishes from various culinary traditions, Kord proves there are at least 60 ways to whip up a bird. Mixing classic techniques (roasting, sautéing, frying and baking) with unique flavors (i.e. spicy pickles, lime-glazed wings, kimchi & chicken Pierogis) you’ll transform your home chicken game into an international culinary adventure.

  • The cover of the book Half Baked Harvest Cookbook

    Half Baked Harvest Cookbook

    Imagine a precocious 15-year-old who’s been tasked with feeding her family of nine, and you have the blog Half Baked Harvest, which was the basis for Tieghan Gerard’s (now an adult) cookbook. You’ll find an Irish spin on French Onion soup, blueberry muffins with an aristocratic flare and many (many) more young and fresh twists on classic dishes in this 11-part tomb.

  • The cover of the book Let's Make Ramen!

    Let's Make Ramen!

    This cookbook offers so much more than just food. In addition to 40 recipes revealing the secrets to making the perfect broths (Shoyu, Miso, Tonkotsu), noodles (Soba, Udon) and toppings (Onsen Eggs, Chashu and Menma), you’ll also get the history and culture of this classic Japanese dish in the playful format of a graphic novel.

  • The cover of the book The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

    The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

    Whether you’re 100% vegan or just want new ideas for meatless Mondays, these 90+ nutritious, varied recipes will keep you full. Start with Vora’s primer on how to use an Instant Pot Pressure cooker, then dive right into comfort dishes like Chai spiced rice pudding for breakfast, Miso Mushroom Risotto, One-Pot Bolognese, or Thai Vegetable Green Curry for lunch or dinner, and top it off with sweets like Double-Fudge Chocolate Cake and Peach-Raspberry Crisp.

  • The cover of the book Perfect Pan Pizza

    Perfect Pan Pizza

    Anyone who knows anything eats their crust, so who better to up your pizza game than a bread expert? Reinhart delivers three different dough recipes, and various ways to make them (i.e. deep pan “Detroit style” and the thinner Roman method). Then he tops it off (pun intended) with the classics, as well as flavors you’d never dream of but that make perfect sense, like a Reuben or roast pork with broccoli rabe.

  • The cover of the book Jerusalem


    If one thing could bring peace in the Middle East, it would be the love of food. Born on different sides of Jerusalem, these two chefs come together with 120 recipes from their shared and divergent cultural roots. All vegetable forward, all fresh and all highlighting the nuanced flavors of the region.

  • The cover of the book Charlie Trotter's Desserts

    Charlie Trotter's Desserts

    As a born and raised Chicagoan, this one’s personal. Charlie Trotter is old school Chicago cuisine, and he makes us proud with these sophisticated but down-home desserts. Organized by ingredient (i.e. berries, custards and spices), we find out what happens when you mix classics—like a chocolate cake—with high concepts—macadamia nuts covered in coconut froth and sugar cane ice cream.