• The cover of the book Girls Like Us

    Girls Like Us

    FBI agent Nell Flynn makes the decision to return to her hometown in the wake of her father’s death… and finds herself investigating the murders of two young girls. There’s just one catch: Is it possible her father is the murderer? It only gets more complicated from there as Nell’s past—and the town’s—refuse to die.

  • The cover of the book Those People

    Those People

    We’ve all had lousy neighbors. Loud. Rude. Obnoxious. People who drive you crazy. But what if someone moved onto your street, and they were such awful neighbors that someone ends up dead? You’ll have a tough time keeping up with all the perfectly placed twists in this book by one of the best suspense writers around.

  • The cover of the book One Fatal Mistake

    One Fatal Mistake

    How far would someone go to protect their child? In this case, very, very far. When an 18-year-old accidentally takes a man’s life, his mother chooses to help him cover up the crime. But since this is a thriller and full of unexpected twists and turns, nothing goes the way they planned.

  • The cover of the book The Perfect Son

    The Perfect Son

    Say you wake up in the hospital the day after your son’s birthday party, and you only know a few things: You’ve been stabbed, your son is gone, and no one believes anything you’re saying. It would be safe to say some bad decisions sent things off the rails. It’s also safe to say you’ll be hooked by this debut novel of psychological suspense.

  • The cover of the book Lock Every Door

    Lock Every Door

    Riley Sager hit a grand slam with each of his first two thrillers, and this summer he returns with Lock Every Door, a book that’s sure to make you think of that summer you spent reading Rosemary’s Baby when you were 15. The book’s protagonist, Jules Larsen, goes to work as a house-sitter in a swanky Manhattan apartment building—and finds out nothing is what it appears to be.