• The cover of the book Yay!


    Inspired by kids who love celebrations (and their parents), Yay! provides ideas for special days like Static Electricity Day,  National Backwards Day, Measure Your Feet Day, Hug Your Cat Day, and many more. This journal includes a Yay Days perpetual calendar and stickers to customize your own celebration schedule.

  • The cover of the book Punderdome Food Fight Expansion Pack

    Punderdome Food Fight Expansion Pack

    If you appreciate books like The Pun Also Rises and Tequila Mockingbird, get yourself ready for the ultimate showdown with Punderdome. This card game becomes even more fun with the Food Fight and Wild Things expansion packs. The aim of this group game is to make the worst jokes possible—the punnier the better!

  • The cover of the book Cinephile: A Card Game

    Cinephile: A Card Game

    This party game is a well-crafted mix of sleek design, pop culture, and film—sure to be a hit at any holiday event. With multiple ways to play based on difficulty level, you’ll be racking your brains for Denzel Washington’s lesser-known films, Jake Gyllenhaal’s filmography, and most Jennifer Lopez’s memorable cameos.

  • The cover of the book Illuminated Playing Cards

    Illuminated Playing Cards

    Illuminated Playing Cards is a beautifully boxed set of two decks of playing cards, complete with a pamphlet including the rules to four popular card games and instructions to complete an easy three-card tarot reading. Boring card decks, be gone! It’s time to illuminate your gameplay.

  • The cover of the book Duck & Goose Matching Game

    Duck & Goose Matching Game

    Looking for ways to expand a toddler’s vocabulary? Or teaching moments to elicit a giggle or two? These matching games, each made up of 20 pairs of matching cards, is perfect for working your kid’s memory and building word recognition with characters from their favorite children’s book authors Emily Winfield Martin and Tad Hills. And once your little one is done with that, flip over the brightly colored tiles of Dream World Matching Game to meet all kinds of friends: mermaids, bears, tigers, foxes and narwhals.

  • The cover of the book Presidential Puzzlemint 500-Piece Puzzle

    Presidential Puzzlemint 500-Piece Puzzle

    This mind-bending, 500-piece puzzle is sure to keep you and your family busy on a cold day. Piece together Abe Lincoln’s $5 portrait using the full-size poster version of the image for reference.

  • The cover of the book Deal or Duel Hamilton Game

    Deal or Duel Hamilton Game

    In the face of the American Revolution, only one person always came out on top: Alexander Hamilton. Pit your survival instincts and spending savvy against other players in this historic action card game, which is sure to fire up any family gathering this holiday season.