• The cover of the book The Iliad

    The Iliad

    Considered the great war epic of Western literature, Homer’s timeless work vividly conveys the horror and heroism of men and gods wrestling with towering emotions and battling amidst devastation and destruction, as it moves inexorably to the wrenching, tragic conclusion of the Trojan War.

  • The cover of the book The Odyssey

    The Odyssey

    If The Iliad is the world’s greatest war epic, The Odyssey is literature’s grandest evocation of an everyman’s journey through life. Odysseus’ reliance on his wit and wiliness for survival in his encounters with divine and natural forces during his ten-year voyage home to Ithaca after the Trojan War is at once a timeless human story and an individual test of moral endurance.

  • The cover of the book The Aeneid

    The Aeneid

    Fleeing the ashes of Troy, Aeneas, Achilles’ mighty foe in the Iliad, begins an incredible journey to fulfill his destiny as the founder of Rome. His voyage will take him through stormy seas, entangle him in a tragic love affair, and lure him into the world of the dead itself. An unsparing portrait of a man caught between love, duty, and fate, The Aeneid redefines passion, nobility, and courage for our times.

  • The cover of the book The Three Theban Plays

    The Three Theban Plays

    Towering over the rest of Greek tragedy, the three plays that tell the story of the fated Theban royal family—Antigone, Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colonus—are among the most enduring and timeless dramas ever written.

  • The cover of the book The Oresteia

    The Oresteia

    Forming an elegant and subtle discourse on the emergence of Athenian democracy out of a period of chaos and destruction, The Oresteia is a compelling tragedy of the tensions between our obligations to our families and the laws that bind us together as a society.

  • The cover of the book The Histories

    The Histories

    The earliest surviving work of nonfiction, The Histories works its way from the Trojan War through an epic account of the war between the Persian empire and the Greek city-states in the fifth century BC, recording landmark events that ensured the development of Western culture and still capture our modern imagination. 

  • The cover of the book Fragments


    Heraclitus’ great book, On Nature, the world’s first coherent philosophical treatise and touchstone for Plato, Aristotle, and Marcus Aurelius, has long been lost to history—but its surviving fragments have for thousands of years tantalized our greatest thinkers, from Montaigne to Nietzsche, Heidegger to Jung. Now, acclaimed poet Brooks Haxton presents a powerful free-verse translation of all 130 surviving fragments of the teachings of Heraclitus, with the ancient Greek originals beautifully reproduced en face.

  • The cover of the book The Greek Myths

    The Greek Myths

    From the creation of the world out of Chaos and the birth of the Olympians to the Trojan War and Odysseus’s return, Robert Graves’s superb retelling of the Greek myths has long been acclaimed as the definitive edition. It is a classic volume of many of the greatest stories ever told—stories of the gods, heroes, and extraordinary events that inspired Homer, the Greek tragedians, and so much of subsequent European literature.

  • The cover of the book The Last Days of Socrates

    The Last Days of Socrates

    The trial and death of Socrates (469-399 BCE) have central a place in Western consciousness. In four superb dialogues, Plato provides the classic account. 

  • The cover of the book Lysistrata and Other Plays

    Lysistrata and Other Plays

    Writing at the time of political and social crisis in Athens, Aristophanes was an eloquent yet bawdy challenger to the demagogue and the sophist. These three plays are among the most famous from this comedian of Ancient Greece.