• The cover of the book Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

    Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

    As well-known now for her role in Portlandia as she is for founding the riot-grrrl band Sleater Kinney, Carrie Brownstein’s memoir covers a childhood that leads to the center of the alt-rock universe of the Pacific Northwest in the ’90s. Time provides a level of self-awareness to Brownstein, while she retells the journey of her band through the industry and around the world.

  • The cover of the book What Happened, Miss Simone?

    What Happened, Miss Simone?

    Usually the book inspires the movie, but this biography was inspired by the Academy Award-nominated Netflix documentary of the same name. Author and former Vibe editor-in-chief Alan Light draws from a treasure trove of archival source material to paint a moving portrait of Nina Simone, one of the most significant and provocative musical artists of our time.

  • The cover of the book David Bowie: The Last Interview

    David Bowie: The Last Interview

    David Bowie’s music and personality drove an entire generation to be comfortable in their own individual “weirdness.” If you’re still mourning his passing, this book, in the candid voice of the singer himself, will be like chicken soup for the soul.

  • The cover of the book Never Broken

    Never Broken

    Did you know that Jewel’s first step towards a music career was learning how to yodel in Alaska at the age of 5? Well, now you do. This book is one of the best musician biographies we’ve read in a while. Interesting, accessible, and laced with graceful humor and musical passion. Yodeleheehoo, indeed!

  • The cover of the book The Keys

    The Keys

    Win, win, win no matter what. Get a whole new look at the popular rapper, producer, and Snapchatter DJ Khaled through his no-nonsense approach to achievement. Plus, this may be our favorite cover, um, ever.

  • The cover of the book Not Dead Yet

    Not Dead Yet

    Against All Odds, we’re recommending this book for any Easy Lover. If reading is In the Air Tonight and Two Hearts are celebrating A Groovy Kind of Love, then Strangers Like Me strongly suggest You Can’t Hurry Love…Sussudio.