• The cover of the book The Most Fun We Ever Had

    The Most Fun We Ever Had

    The Most Fun We Ever Had spans nearly half a century and focuses on one nuclear family. At the family’s helm are Marilyn Connolly and David Sorenson, a couple who met in the 1970s and who appear to have it all. But dysfunction abounds as Marilyn and David raise four daughters, who in turn grow up and build lives—as well as secrets—of their own. Lombardo’s debut novel is a true family saga.

  • The cover of the book The Travelers

    The Travelers

    You know it’s going to be an intricate story when the book starts with a Cast of Characters. Spanning from the 1950s to 2010, Regina Porter’s debut novel follows two families, one Black and one white, who eventually overlap over time and are connected by a tragic event. Almost like a book of short stories, The Travelers bounces around through time, and the chapters focus on different characters across the families and years. A compelling story with concise, poetic writing.

  • The cover of the book Red at the Bone

    Red at the Bone

    Jacqueline Woodson’s latest bestseller opens in Brooklyn on Melody’s 16th birthday. Melody’s wearing the dress originally made for her mom’s own coming-of-age ceremony, the dress her mom never wore. And so begins a story that reaches back into Melody’s family’s past and traces everything—the joys, regrets, and irrevocable decisions—that led her to this moment.

  • The cover of the book Life and Other Inconveniences

    Life and Other Inconveniences

    From the author of Good Luck with That comes a new novel about a woman named Emma, navigating her complicated and unresolved relationship with Genevieve, the grandmother who raised then abandoned her. When Emma’s 16-year-old daughter provides her with the motivation to dig back into the past and reconnect with her former guardian, it proves to be a summer none of them will ever forget.

  • The cover of the book The Interestings

    The Interestings

    This hefty novel begins in 1974 at a summer arts camp called Spirit-in-the-Woods, where six teenagers become an official friend group and name themselves the Interestings. It follows them for over three decades, tracking their unfulfilled dreams, dramatic twists, and unexpected successes that come with adult life.

  • The cover of the book Americanah


    When Ifemelu leaves Nigeria and moves to the U.S. to attend Princeton, she and her boyfriend, Obinze, hope that he’ll soon be able to join her—but that plan falls through in the wake of 9/11. Ifemelu is forced to build a new life on her own, in a country where she encounters, for the first time, racism. The characters and plot are vivid and complex in this hugely bestselling love story that unspools over decades.

  • The cover of the book So Much Life Left Over

    So Much Life Left Over

    So Much Life Left Over follows Rosie and Daniel, who met when he served as an aviator and she a nurse during WWI. After the war, they move to Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka) so that Daniel can run a tea plantation. Over time, their marriage frays, and deception, betrayal, and despair start to seep in. Throughout it all, the war continues to haunt them. So Much Life Left Over picks up the story de Bernières began in The Dust That Falls from Dreams, but you can read it as a standalone novel too.

  • The cover of the book The Other's Gold

    The Other's Gold

    It feels like fate when Alice, Ji Sun, Lainey, and Margaret are assigned to the same dorm on their first day at Quincy-Hawthorn College; they were destined to be best friends. Spanning over a decade, The Other’s Gold is a meditation on friendship, growing up, and learning to face the mistakes you make along the way.