• The cover of the book The Red Bandanna

    The Red Bandanna

    Tom Rinaldi, known for his sports journalism, mainly with ESPN, chronicles the effect the life of one athlete had on many others. The athlete was not famous. In fact, the athlete wasn’t really an athlete anymore. He worked on Wall Street, on the 104th floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center and spent his free time dreaming of a firefighting career. On 9/11, this man, Welles Crowther, disappeared. He was just one of the hundreds of people unaccounted for and presumed dead. Except that Crowther had a memorable detail about him, one that brought his legacy out from the murky shadows of the unknown: he carried a red bandanna with him for years, ever since his father gave it to him when he was a little boy. Eight months after the towers fell, Crowther’s parents heard from some people who escaped the burning buildings, who remembered a man wearing a red bandanna not only helping them out, but going back in to try to save more lives.