• The cover of the book The Kiss Quotient

    The Kiss Quotient

    As an econometrician, Stella Lane, a young woman on the autism spectrum, is a pro at predicting trends—and makes a lot of money doing it—but other than a handful of awkward and unfulfilling encounters, her love life needs help. After hiring Michael Phan, an escort and wannabe fashion designer, to teach her how to date, Stella finds herself drawn to him in more than a professional context. This book is steamy (like five fire emojis steamy), with well-drawn characters and witty dialogue that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Still, witnessing Stella discover and embrace herself in new ways might be the best part.

  • The cover of the book City of Girls

    City of Girls

    If you haven’t read anything by the infamous Elizabeth Gilbert yet, make this your first one. Like a Sex and the City in the ’40s theater world, the story follows Vivian Morris as she arrives in New York City at the age of 19, having dropped out of college and been sent to live with her aunt, the owner of a small theater called the Lily Playhouse. Vivian starts exploring city life, making new friends, and experimenting with men, but not without consequences. Gilbert describes this book as a champagne cocktail: light, fizzy, fun, and doesn’t disappoint.

  • The cover of the book Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

    Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

    Eleanor Oliphant lives a life that is perfectly fine, and that’s all she’s ever thought possible. Lacking in social skills—and definitely without a social life—Eleanor follows a strict routine that includes lots of vodka and phone calls with “Mummy.” Until she meets Raymond. Eleanor’s straightforward and, at times, inappropriate personality doesn’t scare Raymond away, and they develop a friendship that allows Eleanor to finally face her dark past and begin to heal.

  • The cover of the book What Alice Forgot

    What Alice Forgot

    Told with the same intrigue Moriarty is known for, What Alice Forgot will keep you turning the pages. Alice Love wakes up on the floor of her gym with no idea what happened or how she got there. But things get even more bizarre when she learns she has three kids, has divorced her husband, and is 10 years older than she remembers. Why has her marriage fallen apart? What happened in this last decade? Who are her children? As Alice struggles through her new life and tries to put the pieces back together, she slowly discovers herself.

  • The cover of the book Me Before You

    Me Before You

    Me Before You introduces us to Louisa Clark, an ordinary girl living with her working-class family and desperately in need of a job. She takes a position as an aid to Will, who’s been paralyzed after a tragic accident. Will is surly, bitter, and uninterested in receiving help from anyone, tired of living in a wheelchair and forced to abandon his independent, adventurous life. Louisa refuses to cater to his bad attitude, and soon Will becomes a bit more himself: leaving the house, going to restaurants and horse races, and letting people in. But none of it convinces him to abandon a plan he set in motion long ago, making Louisa determined to show him how good life can be and hopefully change his mind.

  • The cover of the book Under the Tuscan Sun

    Under the Tuscan Sun

    With gorgeous writing, Frances Mayes tells her story of moving to Italy to renovate a newly acquired Tuscan villa. The reader gets to follow along as she and her partner, Ed, adapt to life in a foreign country, as well as the pitfalls that come with the reconstruction of their new home. From making new friends to making cultural faux pas, Mayes brings you with her to the gorgeous Tuscan countryside, and you won’t want to leave.

  • The cover of the book Evvie Drake Starts Over

    Evvie Drake Starts Over

    Holmes is the host of popular NPR podcast The Pop Culture Happy Hour, and her debut novel is just as much fun. After the death of her husband, Evvie Drake takes refuge in her house, causing her friends to worry. Meanwhile, a former baseball pitcher, Dean Tenney, is having problems of his own. At the encouragement of friends, he retreats to Maine—and finds a place to stay in the apartment at the back of Evvie’s house. While the two agree to stay out of each other’s business, their attraction soon becomes too hard to ignore.