• The cover of the book One to Watch

    One to Watch

    Fans of The Bachelor will love this book. It follows Bea, a plus-sized woman obsessed with the reality dating show Main Squeeze , who is over the lack of body diversity on the show. When she gets the call to be on the show, it’s too intriguing to pass up and Bea finds herself in for a lot more than she bargained for.

  • The cover of the book American Royals

    American Royals

    This book poses the interesting question, what if George Washington had become king of the United States? It brings us to a present day where his descendants are trying to cope with the fame and pressure royal life brings. If you’re looking for more royals and romance, this is the one for you.

  • The cover of the book Her Royal Highness

    Her Royal Highness

    This one is a sequel to Prince Charming but can definitely be read as a standalone. Millie has a bad breakup and decided to head off to boarding school. It’s not until she gets there that she finds out her roommate is Flora, the princess of Scotland. Soon Millie finds they’re moving from just friends to… more than friends.

  • The cover of the book The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

    The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

    Everyone thinks Lydia and Freddie will be together forever, but when he dies unexpectedly, her life comes to a standstill. Lydia is miserable, but she begins to come to terms with the fact that her life will have to move on without Freddie—until she finds a way to go to a time where they are still together, and she begins to lead two lives at once.

  • The cover of the book Conversations with Friends

    Conversations with Friends

    Frances and Bobbi were once together, but now they are just close friends and collaborators on their art. When a photographer and her actor husband take an interest in the two, their relationship is put to the ultimate test.