• The cover of the book Why Not Me?

    Why Not Me?

    The always funny Mindy Kaling is at it again with her latest read, Why Not Me?. Mindy has a knack for adding a dose of humor to everyday life, making for stories that resonate with all of us. From trying to make new friends, as well as love, to stumbling through her career (yes, even Mindy stumbles!), her ability to get a laugh out of the most frustrating situations will be sure to put a smile on your face.

  • The cover of the book One More Thing

    One More Thing

    Ranging from one sentence to 20 pages, this is the perfect book for a quick pick-me-up. Read as many as you need to make your day a little more cheerful and then put it back on the shelf for the next sour mood you find yourself in. Not only are these stories funny, they’re smart, too. A collection of quick-witted stories that find humor in both the ordinary and the extreme, they also quietly comment on the sadness of life in a way that leaves you thinking…and laughing.

  • The cover of the book Help, Thanks, Wow

    Help, Thanks, Wow

    Anne Lamott’s answer to both the good and the bad day? Three simple prayers: Help. Thanks. Wow. The idea being that if you ask for help, remember to be thankful for the life you do have, and stand in awe of what’s around you, you can get through hard times. Another slim but powerful book, you’ll want to keep this on hand for a dose of therapy whenever you’re feeling down.

  • The cover of the book Wonder Movie Tie-In Edition

    Wonder Movie Tie-In Edition

    Born with a facial deformity, we meet 10-year-old Auggie as he’s transitioning from home schooling to private school. Auggie’s strength in spirit will make you realize that if he can rise above the pain in his life, you can overcome your struggles, too.

  • The cover of the book All There Is

    All There Is

    Love. As they say, it makes the world go ‘round. And this collection of stories, based on the oral history project and NPR podcast, “StoryCorps,” will make you believe that is, in fact, true. At once heartbreaking, beautiful, life-affirming, and honest, these stories show how enduring love—and the people who love—really is.

  • The cover of the book The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

    The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

    Flavia de Luce is an aspiring 11-year-old chemist living in the English countryside in 1950. And like many younger siblings, she’s trying to come up with a devious plan to get revenge on her older sisters. But her plans are derailed when a series of mysterious events begin to occur. When her father is arrested for murder, she takes it upon herself to prove his innocence. Flavia’s tenacious spirit and crafty detective work will make you smile and distract you from whatever drudgery your day brings.

  • The cover of the book Better Than Before

    Better Than Before

    In a slump? Looking for a change? In her second book, Gretchen’s answer to that is habits. She presents practical, usable, and inspiring advice to help you change your habits for good. Through friends, family, and even herself, Gretchen explains exactly what you need to do to create new habits and help someone else change theirs.

  • The cover of the book The More of Less

    The More of Less

    Minimalism is the new consumerism, with everyone purging their closets and taking notes from Marie Kondo. But if you’re not ready to throw all your stuff away, Joshua is here to help. The More of Less will help you recognize how living a life with less will ultimately make you get more out of life. Have a highlighter ready and be prepared to feel lighter after following Joshua’s steps to finding beauty in minimalism.

  • The cover of the book Me Before You

    Me Before You

    Lou is quirky, Will is serious. Lou has no life plan, Will had it all mapped out. That is, until an accident paralyzes him from the neck down. Sent to be Will’s aide, Lou brings a light into Will’s life that no one ever expected…but even that can’t keep him from doing what he thinks is best. While not uplifting per se, Louisa and Will’s love story reminds us that life, no matter what curveballs it throws at us, is still worth living, that there are surprises around every turn. The movie version comes out June 3, so if you cried at the book, get ready to have your heart broken all over again. It’s good for you, I promise. A nice big cry can be very therapeutic.

  • The cover of the book How Did You Get This Number

    How Did You Get This Number

    Sloane’s first collection of personal essays, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, followed her around New York City and the absurdity of being a 20-something just trying to find your way. Her latest essays take her out of NYC and into more exotic locales like Paris and Portugal. With the same humor and humility, Sloane tells tales of wearing “bear bells” as a bridesmaid and her encounter with a grizzly club. Hilarious yet smart, these stories will have you laughing, shaking your head, and wishing you could accompany Sloane on one of her many adventures.