• The cover of the book The Winters

    The Winters

    In the tradition of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, this provocative novel features a young woman who’s retreated to her new husband Max Winter’s opulent estate in the Hamptons after a whirlwind romance. But there are mysteries upon mysteries in her new home, including the strange antagonism that Max’s daughter displays toward her, and she must figure out what’s really going on—before the Winters’ secrets spell her end.

  • The cover of the book Still Me

    Still Me

    Louisa Clark still hasn’t quite gotten over Will’s death, as depicted in Me Before You, but she’s ready to start living life on her own terms again. She’s moved to the U.S. and is living high-class with her new job. But when someone reminiscent of Will shows up in Lou’s life, she must decide who the real Lou is, and what exactly she wants.

  • The cover of the book Becoming


    It’s hard to overstate Michelle Obama’s influence on the nation during her eight years as the First Lady. Now that she’s once again a private citizen, she’s written an honest and candid memoir about her childhood, adulthood, and time in the White House, chronicling her greatest successes—but also her failures, and how they’ve shaped her.

  • The cover of the book Modern HERstory

    Modern HERstory

    We’ve heard a lot about the women who’ve changed history, but often ladies and nonbinary people from marginalized communities are sidelined when it comes to the credit they’re due. Now, this book takes 70 activists—people of color, people who are disabled, who are queer and trans—and gives them back their rightful place in our history.

  • The cover of the book Shakespeare's Sonnets, Retold

    Shakespeare's Sonnets, Retold

    William Shakespeare’s sonnets are some of the most beautiful poems in the world, but the English they’re written in can be difficult to understand. That’s why James Anthony has taken Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets and rewritten them in a more accessible modern-day English, delivering a beautiful collection of love poems that make a romantic gift.

  • The cover of the book The Girl Before

    The Girl Before

    Jane’s ready to start fresh, so a move to a new place seems like just what she needs. She finds a gorgeous house, one in which the architect charges low rent but has strange restrictions on what the tenant can and can’t do. But when Jane discovers that the previous tenant looked remarkably like herself and died under mysterious circumstances, she begins to wonder what’s really going on around her.

  • The cover of the book What If This Were Enough?

    What If This Were Enough?

    This striking essay collection confronts our culture’s materialism head-on, as writer Heather Havrilesky discusses our pursuit of new products and technology. She makes the case that this will lead to a shallow future, one that will never be satisfying, and advocates instead for rejecting products in favor of living in the current moment—and accepting that it’s enough.

  • The cover of the book The Independent Woman

    The Independent Woman

    This collection contains excerpts from The Second Sex, a groundbreaking modern classic first published in 1949 that confronted the inequality between men and women, and the ways women are othered in society. Now, The Independent Woman takes three chapters from The Second Sex that look at practical steps to cultivate a more equal society.

  • The cover of the book The Flight Attendant

    The Flight Attendant

    When Cassandra wakes up next to a dead man after a night of binge-drinking with no memory of what happened, she begins to lie. She lies to her fellow flight attendants, she lies to the authorities, she lies to everyone. After all, it’s better than the truth: she has no idea what happened, and she’s starting to wonder if she’s guilty of this terrible crime.

  • The cover of the book Waiting for Eden

    Waiting for Eden

    Eden Malcolm is trapped within his own mind in a hospital bed. But when he begins to wake up and find a way to communicate, he discovers the world around him has changed. He’s far away from the war, and he’s not sure if his marriage is as stable as he once thought. In his new state, he begins to meditate on life—and wonders what makes a life worth living.