• The cover of the book Dodgers


    Dodgers is an unconventional road trip novel that centers on a gang member named East. East leaves Compton under the advisement of his uncle, with his brother Ty and a couple of friends, to venture through white Middle America in order to fulfill a dark mission in Wisconsin. As they travel through a part of the country that’s so foreign from what they’re accustomed to, the acts of racism and vandalism they encounter swiftly illustrate just how far from home they are. Brothers East and Ty take their own paths as they grapple with difficult decisions, and ultimately figure out who they want to become outside of Compton, and where they’ll settle to do so.

  • The cover of the book The Routes of Man

    The Routes of Man

    Roads are more powerful than we think: they connect, unite, and empower communities. Conover’s exploration is a wildly interesting book that chronicles the trips of six cargos on six different trucks traveling on six different byways. He follows a truckload of mahogany traveling through Peru, truckers in East Africa who are linked to the spread of AIDS, and, alongside a group of Palestinians, passes through highway checkpoints guarded by Israeli soldiers armed to the hilt. In The Routes of Man, Conover accentuates how the infrastructure of paved roads has played a crucial role in human life.