Bookish Totes for Your Summer Reads

Because one book is never enough.

bookish tote bags

Summer’s the perfect time for reading outdoors. Whether you’re at the park, on the beach, or at an outdoor café, books make the best companions for a nice day outside. While it might feel impossible to pick which books to bring with you (um, all of them, please?), we’ve got you covered on the totes you can carry them around in. Here are some of our favorite literary tote bags for the fashionable bookworm in all of us.

1. Michelle Obama tote 


Counting down the days until Michelle Obama’s new book, Becoming, comes out? You’ll love this tote with a gorgeous illustration of the former FLOTUS paired with her inspiring words.

2. TBR tote 


Finally, a tote with our personal motto emblazoned on it! If your TBR pile is overflowing, this is the bag to keep your extra books in.

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3. Hermione Granger tote


We all know Hermione is the brains of the operation in Harry Potter, and of course, she gets the answers for many of the toughest obstacles through books. “When in doubt, go to the library” is a great quote to live by and will definitely garner a lot of compliments from fellow book lovers.

4. Punny tote


At Read it Forward, we always love a good book pun. This love-ly tote is perfect for a day of reading with your favorite reading partner.

5. Literary rock stars tote


As readers, we already think of our favorite authors as rock stars, but what if they looked like punk rockers? This tote imagines just that—and it’s a great blend of music and books for those who can’t choose just one.

6. Dorothy’s slippers tote


Books can transport us, whether it’s to Oz or somewhere more like home. This tote features the classic ruby slippers imagery, as well as (teeny tiny!) text from The Wizard of Oz.

7. Matilda tote


We’ll always have a place in our hearts for Matilda, the ultimate bookworm. This tote gives fans the chance to share their love for her—perfect for readers of all ages.

8. Riverhead Books tote


The Riverhead Books tote bags have always been highly coveted by those in publishing, and now with their redesigned look, they’re finally available to the general public. What better way to share your love for a favorite publisher—or even just the great print—than by wearing their bag while out and about?

9. Belletrist tote

Belletrist tote

Emma Roberts loves sharing the books she’s reading on Instagram. So much so, in fact, that she started her own book club, Belletrist. Knowing her fans are always carrying their many books around, she created this “Life’s a Beach Read” tote so they can combine their love of reading with the outdoors.

10. Lord Byron tote


What says “I love reading outdoors” more than a book-filled floral tote featuring a quote about the woods from Lord Byron? This bag will make you the envy of your literary friends, while also looking great in all your #shelfies.

11. Elizabeth Barrett Browning tote

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Tote

It’s always great to have some inspiration to carry around. This tote features a beautiful quote from poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and we love that the illustration is made up of words.

Featured Image: Penguin UK

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