The Book Club Ice-Breaker

Welcome book group members and book group facilitators! Read It Forward is here to help you create a one-of-a-kind book club experience.

Hot new bestsellers are fun to read, but they’re not always a good fit for book group. Classics are rewarding, but sometimes lack that page-turning experience that voracious readers want. And every year there’s a book that just about every book club is reading. It’s great to join the conversation when everybody’s talking about the same book – but the Book Club ‘It’ Book of the Year may not be a strong selection for your unique book group.

We understand that one of the most challenging things about being in a book club is choosing the right books for your group.

Our Book Club Ice-Breakers are designed to get you talking. You’ll learn a lot about each other in the process, and you’ll build a terrific list of books that’s meaningful to your group.

It’s this easy: have someone act as secretary to write down everyone’s responses. Then go around the circle, ask everyone to respond to the ice-breaker with a title (or two!), and voila! You have an awesome reading list for your book club. Here are a few ice-breakers to get you started:

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  • Who’s Your Fictional Husband? (Characters We Want to Marry)
  • Books That Kept You Reading Past Your Bedtime
  • Books With Unforgettable Heroines


    We know how much fun it is to show up at book club with tons of fascinating background material on the book and/or the author.

    You know, the kind of juicy backstory or author Q&A that makes for lively discussion. Well, we’ve got you covered! Check out the Bonus Book Content section of our site for reader’s guides, recipes, author essays, and more! If we feature bonus content for a title, you know it’s perfect for book clubs. Here are some recent faves:

  • Angel Cake Recipe from Ruby, a Selection of Oprah’s Book Club 2.0
  • The Author Writes Her Own Reader’s Guide for Bittersweet
  • Book Club in a Box: Everything You Need for Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking
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