Book Trailer for Jan Goldstein’s The Bride Will Keep Her Name

A loving family. An anonymous tip. A covered-up murder. See the thrilling trailer here.

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Something borrowed. Something blue. Do you really know the man to whom you’re saying “I do?” Jan Goldstein may help you shed some light on the situation with The Bride Will Keep Her Name.

Madison Mandelbaum has a loving—though totally neurotic—family, and two fabulous girlfriends, and best of all, she’s head-over-heels in love with Colin Darcy, an investigative reporter for NBC, a distant relation to the Queen, and—most importantly—Maddie’s fiancé. With one week to go before the wedding, Maddie receives an anonymous email that suggests that her fiancé may not be the man she thinks he is. As sinister phone calls, text messages, and disturbing clues turn up, all linking Colin to the murder of a sexy call girl, Maddie realizes that she must get to the bottom of this. Fast.

Read an excerpt of Jan Goldstein’s The Bride Will Keep Her Name.

Watch this fun “press conference” book trailer for Jan Goldstein’s The Bride Will Keep Her Name: a rollicking good read, a perfect beach book, a novel that The Today Show hailed as the “chick pick of the season!”

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The Bride Will Keep Her Name is now in paperback and makes a great book group book! Jan is happy to schedule a special call-in visit with your book group. Visit Jan Goldstein’s Reading Group Center to sign up!

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JAN GOLDSTEIN, the author of All That Matters, is an award-winning poet, playwright, and screenwriter. He lives with his wife, Bonnie, and their family in Los Angeles. Visit the author at

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