14 Books B.J. Novak Recommends on Instagram

Not to be outdone by his Office co-stars, the author and comedy writer is a loyal #bookstagrammer.

B.J. Novak

B.J. Novak (@picturesoftext) is best known for his talented writing—winning an Emmy for his time on The Office and reaching best-selling status for his books The Book with No Pictures and One More Thing. Just like his fellow Office co-stars, Mindy Kaling and Jenna Fischer, he loves using his Instagram to share the new books in his life. Check out his #bookstagrams below.

Can you believe this started out as a breakup letter?

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Learning the source material of our favorite books can be eye-opening. B.J. couldn’t believe that How to Be Alone by Jonathan Franzen originally started out as a break-up letter.

This book finally arrived… With its own bindle…

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Book mail is the best mail. Not only did B.J. receive a copy of Tween Hobo: Off the Rails by Alena Smith, he also received his own bindle—though we doubt he’ll need to use it anytime soon.

I am enjoying this book today

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Sometimes a book is so good, it doesn’t need a fancy caption. Here, B.J. was just enjoying Dave Eggers’ verbosely titled novel, Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? 

I feel like my books are friends

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B.J. was pleased to see The Book with No Pictures and One More Thing together. He senses a friendship between the two; we’d love to know what other books are in their squad.

Excited to support a fellow comedy legend, B.J. shared a photo of Bob Odenkirk’s A Load of Hooey.

We know that Mindy and B.J. are BFFs, but they can’t spend all their time together. Luckily, their books can keep each other company when the two are apart. B.J. snapped this picture of Mindy’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? next to his book One More Thing while visiting The Strand.

Award shows are fun to attend (I mean, we’re just guessing here…), but we bet they’re even better when you get to meet someone you’re a fan of. B.J. was stoked to meet Jenny Offill, author of one of his favorite books, Dept. of Speculation.

Sitting in the audience at an award show might be exciting, but hosting one is even better. B.J. hosted the PEN/Faulkner Awards and shared a picture of the winner: Preparation for the Next Life by Atticus Lish.

The B.J. and Mindy relationship always has us on the edge of our seats, especially when there’s a cute post like this. When Mindy sent him a copy of Why Not Me?, she wanted to hear he loved it—but it turns out he’d already read it and had rave reviews. To steal a line from another favorite sitcom, can these two BE any cuter?

While Dwight Shrute may have driven many of his coworkers in The Office up the wall, the actor who played him, Rainn Wilson, is actually very warm and thoughtful in real life. B.J. was excited to read more about Rainn’s interesting past in his book, The Bassoon King.

Has anyone read this in a while? Beautiful, dark ending about art sabotaging love

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Shel Silverstein’s poems were a staple of many people’s childhoods, B.J. included. He revisited Silverstein’s work and loved the ending of The Missing Piece.

B.J. loves travel books, but The Wonder Trail by Steve Hely might just be his favorite of the genre. We’re not surprised that he’d enjoy a book by a fellow television comedy writer—we’d love to read about his own vacations.

Reading the latest book from my first favorite comedy writer

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Keeping his support of fellow comedy writers strong, B.J. recommends Dave Berry’s hilarious Floridian romp, Best. State. Ever.

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