• The cover of the book My Reading Journal

    My Reading Journal

    This beautiful, clothbound journal is the perfect companion for all the bookworms in your life. Use the lined pages however you please—reflect on your reads, log everything you’ve ever read, or prep discussion prompts for your next book club. It’s up to you!

  • The cover of the book Women in Science Puzzle

    Women in Science Puzzle

    Based on the New York Times bestselling book, this 500-piece puzzleis sprinkled with biographical facts about 13 groundbreaking scientists. Perfect for middle grade readers or those who want to brush up on women’s history, the Women in Science Puzzle also comes with a full-color poster.

  • The cover of the book How to Pack

    How to Pack

    No matter where you go or what you do on vacation—whether you’re relaxing on the beach, exploring a new city, or going on a business trip—this handy little guide to packing the perfect bag will teachyou how to save space, plan the best outfits, and prepare for your next getaway.

  • The cover of the book Q&A a Day for Kids

    Q&A a Day for Kids

    This keepsake journal captures the evolution of a kiddo’s thoughts over the course of three years. As kids answer the same 365 questions year after year, you’ll be able to watch their sense of humor develop, their handwriting get neater, and their sentences get more complex.

  • The cover of the book The Designing Your Life Workbook

    The Designing Your Life Workbook

    Take charge of your life with this interactive workbook that will help you build a career that’s productive, creative, and fulfilling. Reflect on where you are, set clear goals for where you want to go, and step outside your comfort zone with this motivational activity book.

  • The cover of the book Little Gestures

    Little Gestures

    This set of illustrated postcards from the New York Times bestselling author of Am I There Yet? is truly the perfect gift. Mari Andrew’s poignant artwork is separated by occasion so you can send individual postcards to share words of wisdom and encouragement!

  • The cover of the book Do One Thing Every Day Together

    Do One Thing Every Day Together

    This guided journal for couples is chock-full of inspirational quotes and prompted reasons to unplug and spend some intimate, soul-searching time with your loved one. Giggle about your “firsts” and make plans to spend more time together—just a little bit every day.

  • The cover of the book Afoot and Lighthearted

    Afoot and Lighthearted

    Harness the power of walking to cultivateand nourish attention, inspiration, and determination, as well as to combat anxiety and the dreaded creative block. Organized around specific themes, this journal taps into the transformational magic of creative journaling and mindful walking.