• The cover of the book Seabiscuit


    You’ve got a champion horse with a crooked leg who captures the heart of post-Depression, pre-WWII America. Throw a half-blind, handicapped boxer-turned-jockey into the mix, conspiracy and a seemingly career-ending injury with an incredible recovery, and you’ve got yourself the perfect American underdog/comeback story.

  • The cover of the book Born to Run

    Born to Run

    Why can some people run marathons and others can barely make it 3 miles without knee, hip and back injuries? Author Christopher McDougall attempts to answer exactly that question by comparing some of the top distance runners in the U.S. with a tribe of runners from Mexico’s copper canyons in this memoir, which culminates in a friendly race between the two groups to see who’s got the best legs.

  • The cover of the book Open


    Andre Agassi may not have landed on your radar until he married Brooke Shields. But this memoir about his life as one of the best tennis players of all time goes into the personal struggles of fame, success, failure and drugs that you didn’t realize he had, truly humanizing this legendary champion.

  • The cover of the book Eleven Rings

    Eleven Rings

    Chicago Bulls and L.A. Lakers coach Phil Jackson has won more championships than any other coach in sports history. So how did he do it? With the help of psychology, authenticity, teamwork and Zen meditation. Tools we can all use to live more balanced, successful lives.

  • The cover of the book Among the Thugs

    Among the Thugs

    Editor Bill Buford dared to enter the social strata of the world’s most violent and volatile fans in sports—the English soccer hooligans, and he lived to write about it. They hate anyone who is not them and they take their vitriol around Europe to follow their beloved football club, terrorizing everyone in their path.