• The cover of the book The Other Mrs. Miller

    The Other Mrs. Miller

    Phoebe doesn’t leave her house much anymore, which means she can’t help but notice the rusty car that’s increasingly parked outside her house. Are they spying on her? What interest could they possibly have in a boring housewife with a failing marriage? As she tries to figure out who might be stalking her, Phoebe starts to make friends with a new neighbor Vicki. But there’s clearly more going on here than Phoebe realizes, and she must figure out how all of the new occurrences in her life are connected before it’s too late.

  • The cover of the book The Dead Ex

    The Dead Ex

    In this gripping novel, the author takes a look at how one man’s disappearance affects different lives. Vicki, an aromatherapist, is shocked when she finds the police on her doorstep. She swears she hasn’t seen David in years, since they were divorced, but she can’t be sure of that because of her faulty memory. Meanwhile, David’s current wife, Tanya, hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about what happened the night he disappeared. Who’s telling the truth, and what really happened to David?

  • The cover of the book Someone We Know

    Someone We Know

    When Amanda is murdered, it sends shockwaves around her quiet suburban neighborhoods. While suspicion immediately falls on her grieving husband, neighbors start to wonder whether it could have been someone else. As people begin to question the motives of others in the neighborhood, including a teenager who’s been caught breaking into local homes, the police must race to figure out who committed the crime and why.

  • The cover of the book The Woman Inside

    The Woman Inside

    What do you do when your marriage is unraveling? That’s the situation Paul and Rebecca are facing. At first, they thought they had a perfect marriage, but they quickly discovered that passion isn’t enough to sustain them. As they devolve into distrust and deceit, the love they once had for each other turns into something much darker and more suspicious.

  • The cover of the book My Lovely Wife

    My Lovely Wife

    From the outside, Millicent’s family appears to be picture perfect. They have two gorgeous kids, Millicent is a top real estate agent, and her husband is a tennis pro at a local club. But Millicent and her (nameless) husband have a unique and disturbing way of keeping the spark in their marriage alive: They murder women. The question is how far Millicent will go to protect herself when their hobby begins to cause problems.

  • The cover of the book Lost You

    Lost You

    Libby is obsessed with having a baby, so when she’s unable to get pregnant, she turns to adoption. In her desperation, she decides on an agency that uses shady practices to match babies with parents. But in the end, Libby has a new baby named Ethan to love. Years later, Libby’s worst nightmare comes true when Ethan is kidnapped by his birth mother. What will each of these women resort to in their desperation to keep the child they claim as theirs?

  • The cover of the book My Sister, the Serial Killer

    My Sister, the Serial Killer

    Korede is used to cleaning after her perfect sister’s messes. Literally—Korede knows the best ways to clean up blood; after her sister, Ayoola, murders her third boyfriend in a row, Korede’s become something of an expert. She’s willing to keep her sister’s secrets and even protect Ayoola from the world… that is, until a handsome doctor at the hospital Korede works at (the guy Korede’s had a crush on for a while) expresses interest in Ayoola. Now, Korede must decide how far she’s willing to go to protect her sister.

  • The cover of the book Those People

    Those People

    Everyone who lives on Lowland Way prizes their suburban community. It’s the picture-perfect neighborhood, where all the residents get along and their kids play together on the weekends. But when Darren and Jodie move in, things start to break down—they don’t respect their neighbors, nor do they obey the unspoken rules of the suburbs. But when there’s a freak death on their property, the neighbors begin to wonder just what this couple is capable of.

  • The cover of the book The Good Sister

    The Good Sister

    When Martha is trying to balance work and new motherhood, her sister Becky is happy to pitch in. After all, the two sisters are closer than ever. But when the unthinkable happens, Becky is charged with murder. Nine months later, she’s on trial, and though Martha believes her sister is innocent, she can’t help but wonder what really happened that day.

  • The cover of the book I Know You

    I Know You

    Taylor Watson expected to enjoy her new life in London, but it’s far from what she expected. It’s lonely as a pregnant woman whose husband travels a lot, and as a California transplant, she hasn’t made many real connections. But Taylor finally meets people through a book club and thinks everything is on the upswing. But it turns out there’s danger lurking underneath the surface, and Taylor may be in for more than she bargained for.