• The cover of the book The Monk of Mokha

    The Monk of Mokha

    Bestselling author Dave Eggers is back with The Monk of Mokha, the remarkable true story of Muslim American Mokhtar Alkhanshali. Twenty-four years old, Mokhtar works as a doorman, unable to pay for college, until he becomes inspired to learn about the cultivation of coffee, and sets off to Yemen to do so. He visits Yemeni farmers across the country, determined to better their processes and help them bring their coffee back to the high standards that it used to be known for. But when civil war comes to Yemen in 2015, Mokhtar’s progress is forced to a halt, and he finds himself trapped in Yemen. Eggers’s latest is an exploration of Yemeni life, coffee, and the journey of one man bridging two worlds.

  • The cover of the book Coffee Obsession

    Coffee Obsession

    In Coffee Obsession, readers travel to coffee-producing nations around the world with each turn of the page, learning about the different styles, flavors, and techniques used to brew the perfect cup. The fascinating bean-to-cup process is explained, as well as how that process impacts the final taste. With over 130 recipes, Coffee Obsession will teach you how to make lattes, cappuccinos, and other iconic styles of coffee. With this book, you’ll be a coffee pro in no time.

  • The cover of the book Coffee Style

    Coffee Style

    A beautiful masterpiece, this book captures the life of coffee creators and aficionados, as seen through the lens of acclaimed photographer Horst A. Friedrichs. Friedrichs had long been fascinated by coffee culture, from the different kinds of beans and brews to the baristas and consumers. In this book, he demonstrates, through stunning photographs, how sophisticated and inventive the craft has become. True coffee lovers won’t be able to resist getting their hands on book, which (bonus) makes for a perfect coffee table read.

  • The cover of the book The New Rules of Coffee

    The New Rules of Coffee

    Written by the founders and editors of Sprudge, this illustrated guide is perfect for those who take coffee seriously—it’s not a game, folks. New Rules of Coffee will explain, in great detail, the essential rules for enjoying coffee both at home and in cafes, including tips on storing and serving coffee, coffee growing, roasting and brewing. Additionally, it’ll break coffee myths (Darker is not stronger!) and provide crucial information on coffee culture around the globe.

  • The cover of the book The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

    The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

    Blue Bottle Coffee Company has quickly become one of America’s most celebrated roasters. Famous for its complex and flavorful coffees, Blue Bottle delights its devoted patrons with exquisite pour-overs, delicious espressi, and specialized brewing methods. In this book, Blue Bottle founder James Freeman breaks down the sophisticated coffee process from soup to nuts (or bean to cup?) to show readers how to brew the perfect cup using diverse methods. Perfect to share with friends and fellow coffee lovers, this book will change the way you make and drink coffee.

  • The cover of the book Starting & Running a Coffee Shop

    Starting & Running a Coffee Shop

    Order up a double shot of success with this guide packed to the brim with all things coffee and business. In it, you will find expert advice on selecting the best coffee beans and cafe treats, foolproof methods for tracking sales and inventory, straightforward suggestions on developing effective marketing strategies, helpful tips on negotiating contracts with employees and suppliers, and so much more.

  • The cover of the book Doughnuts


    Yes, this is not a coffee book. But who doesn’t love a fresh donut with a good cup of Joe? (No one). This book will serve as your guide to everything “doughnuts,”introducing you to the world of ooey-gooey fried goodness. With these recipes, you can learn how to make classic flavors, like old-fashioned sour cream, maple-bacon bars, or red velvet, and new delights such as pineapple fritters, dulce de leche, and rainbow cake. There are also variations for vegan and gluten-free versions in this expanded edition.