• The cover of the book Chocolat


    You can almost taste the sweet treats described in this book, about a pastry shop owner in a small French village who has the ability to transfer emotions and feelings into the confections she creates. Sweet, indeed.

  • The cover of the book My Life in France

    My Life in France

    Do we even need to explain? When it comes to food, no one is more delightful than Julia Child—and there may be no country better associated with the art of cuisine. So this memoir is a match made in heaven, brimming with tales of Julia’s love for her husband, for France, but best of all: food.

  • The cover of the book The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

    The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

    This novel contains a dash of magical realism and follows a young girl who discovers she can taste the emotions in food—starting with, as you may have guessed, a slice of lemon cake (topped with chocolate icing!) made by her mother. Her talent turns out to be a gift and a curse as she gets older, but one thing remains the same throughout the novel: the descriptions of the food (so much cake!) are glorious.

  • The cover of the book Yes, Chef

    Yes, Chef

    Odds are you’ve heard his name, but long before he was a world-renowned chef, Marcus Samuelsson was a little boy in Sweden who spent afternoons cooking with his grandmother. You’ll follow along as Samuelsson morphs from a kid who loves food to an established chef who serves up passion in each and every dish he creates.