The Best Articles on Read It Forward

In honor of RIF's 10th anniversary, these 16 articles capture our range of bookish ideas and ideals.

best articles on Read It Forward

Our readers turn to us for everything from suggestions on the latest contemporary reads to Pinterest-worthy #bookstagrams, and these wide-ranging articles show just why. Whether you’re seeking a book to read alongside your best friend, the latest recommendations from thought leaders, or even what’s on Reese Witherspoon’s reading list, this all-encompassing collection offers all that and more.

10 Best Literary Instagram Accounts for Book-Lovers

Best Literary Instagram Accounts for Book-Lovers

From whimsical portraits of hedgehogs with books to favorite novels in uncommonly gorgeous natural settings, these lovely bookish Instagram accounts bring new reads and lit-spirations front and center in your feed!

13 Reasons Why Libraries are Holding Us All Together

Libraries are Holding Us All Together

Whether it’s how they bring us together in face-to-face interactions, provide meditative wandering among the bookshelves, or act as a first portal to knowledge and reading for our kids, the author of Eat At Home Tonight brilliantly lays out how libraries help us keep our culture together.

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15 Cozy Book Nooks to Curl Up In


Showcasing overstuffed armchairs and nooks surrounded by your favorite titles, this array of reading hideaways will inspire you to curl up into your own beloved reading spot—or even find a new one!

The Minimalist’s Bookshelf: 10 Books I’ll Never Part With


When it came time for some self-imposed minimalism in his life, author Joshua Becker trimmed down other elements with relative ease, but it’s these ten titles he chose to keep with him. Culling from ascetic monkish wisdom to Salinger and Steve Martin, these are the books that made his cut. Think, dear reader: what might make yours?

14 Books to Read in a Weekend


A weekend spent reading is a joyful thing, and made all the better by a book brief enough to read, savor, and tuck away when the weekend’s done. Whether you’re craving a slim offbeat narrative like Jonas Karlsson’s The Invoice or a moving portrait of womanhood like Jenny Offill’s The Department of Speculation, this list has you covered on recommendations to fill a couple of days.

The List of Books That Saved My Life


From the writer Jonathan Russell Clark, this pondering essay and accompanying list maps out his development as a reader and thinker. Challenging himself not only to read more but to read better, the author pushes beyond his singular viewpoint to see just what the wider literary world holds—and salvages himself in the process.

7 Weird Things I Do With Books


No matter if you’re stifling a cough with some Steinbeck or envisioning your own meet-cute over M Train, we all do slightly weird things with our books, and this piece lays them out bare, showing how we should all be so unashamed of our strangest literary habits.

14 Books to Combat Your Ferrante Hangover


So you’ve just finished Elena Ferrante, and your mind is still reeling. These books will satisfy those lingering cravings for social wrangling, dynamic writing, and a thorough exploration of the inherent power and prowess within female friendships. Bookish hangover, begone!

Psychological Thrillers that Bend Your Mind


Nearly all agree that thrillers rock our literary worlds. With spellbinding plots, unreliable narrators, and more twists and turns than anyone can imagine (except maybe Gillian Flynn!), these psychological reads will keep you guessing—and reading—late into the inky, black night.

21 Books Based on Classics


Classics are classic for a reason, and they key us into timeless themes of love, strife, and everything in between. But in the hands of these ingenious writers, from Zadie Smith to Jane Smiley and Margaret Atwood, stalwart books get keenly reimagined, letting us come to time-tested stories with vibrantly new perspectives.

Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club Picks

Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club Picks

From the bookish mind of the phenomenal Reese Witherspoon, these lively picks will spark conversations in your very own book club, whether you opt for the Reese-approved Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere or the Witherspoon-worthy You Think It, I’ll Say It.

Books to Read with Your BFF


Delving into the complexities and heart-soaring moments of friendship, these books provide a perfect excuse to chill out with your bestie and lose yourselves in the pages. No matter if you opt for Martha Moody’s hardscrabble tale of Best Friends or Robin Wasserman’s electrified Girls on Fire, you and your BFF are sure to enjoy.

How to Curate the Ultimate Home Library

From the expert mind of writer Tara Button, author of the thoughtful A Life Less Throwaway, this incisive article shows step-by-step how to organize, curate, and realize your idyllic book selection at home. From sorting through the titles you simply must keep to choosing wood for shelving your most beloved books, Tara’s tips will leave you refreshed and inspired to craft your best reading space.

21 Books for Woke Kids


It’s never too early to encourage empathy, understanding, and caring in our children, and these excellent selections—from the Seussian classic Horton Hears a Who! to Jacqueline Woodson’s Brown Girl Dreaming and Maxine Trottier’s Migrant—help us bring complex concepts down to earth for our youngest readers.

14 of the Scariest Books Ever Written

Scariest Books Ever Written

True terror can unfold in the most unexpected places: a dusty attic, a dreary house, or in the pages of a book. These chilling reads, like Stephen King’s It and Lionel Shriver’s We Need To Talk About Kevin, bring insidious monsters of all stripes to the forefront, and they’ll leave you looking over your shoulder long after you’ve turned the last page.

Books That Leave You Feeling Better

Books That Leave You Feeling Better

Straight from the motivational mind of Gretchen Rubin, these recommended bolstering books will result in a more mindful, intentional you, no matter if you choose Jon Krakauer’s boundless Into the Wild, James Boswell’s insightful The Life of Samuel Johnson, or Julia Child’s zestfully impassioned My Life in France. Go forth, and live your best life!

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