Adrienne Arieff on Her Memoir The Sacred Thread

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In 2008, I traveled nine thousand miles to northern India near the border of Pakistan, to have a child. I went to India under the direction of a fertility specialist to whom I had spoken only over the phone, to undergo IVF treatment with the help of an Indian surrogate I had never met.

After three pregnancies, three miscarriages, and dozens of tests and disappointing diagnoses (mis-shaped uterus and utirine fibroids the size of oranges!), I realized I needed an alternate route to my happily ever after. My doctor advised that I should consider adoption and/or surrogacy.

After my husband read an article in the New York Times about the Akanksha Clinic in Anand, India – where a Dr. Patel works to bring together two women from disparate cultures to help each other – I started to open my mind up to the world of foreign surrogacy.

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Several months, hundreds of research hours, and thousands of dollars later, I board a plane for Mumbai. There, in the 107-degree heat of Indian summer, I meet Dr. Patel, undergoe IVF treatments, and form a deep bond with a 26-year-old named Vaina, a surrogate mother who would eventually give birth to my children.

I couldn’t stay away. I packed up and went to Anand for the balance of my surrogate’s pregnancy, immersing myself in the culture and traditions of India, and shaping a lasting friendship with my surrogate, Vaina.

SACRED-THREAD-adrienne-and-twinsI have a deep spiritual connection to India after healing from the death of my mother the first time I went and later having my girls in the country. The Sacred Thread offers my perspective and a look at the landscape and culture of India through the lens of an American couple searching for family, an Indian family searching for a future, and a doctor offering a chance for both to find what they seek.

I am now the proud mother of twin 3-year-old girls. I cannot imagine life without them. They absolutely fill me up with joy, love and laughter (oh, and exhaustion!).

The Sacred Thread by Adrienne Arieff – Excerpt

adrienne-arieff-author-photoADRIENNE ARIEFF, an expert in new media and communications, is the principal of the public relations firm Arieff Communications. She has freelanced for Daily Candy and C Magazine and writes her company’s blog, Weekly Pulse. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and their two children.

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