8 Gifts that Bring Spring Indoors

Satisfy your spring fever with these nature-themed gifts perfect for any recipient (including you!).


It’s finally March, and we’re hoping this month will go out like a lamb, because it’s definitely been a lion of a winter. To usher in the turn of the season, we have some book and product recommendations to spruce up your indoor life and encourage you to get outdoors. Test out your green thumb or turn to the bird-filled blue sky to try something new this spring. If you’re not ready to get outside just yet, add some nature to your desktop with some earthy, vibrant stationery. Before you know it, the begonias will be blooming and the chickadees a-chirping, so start celebrating spring today!

How to Window Box by Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit

From the dynamic duo behind the home and garden blog The Horticult comes a guide to the window box, the contained mini-garden that’s perfect for giving your home a little taste of spring. The book features 16 indoor and outdoor projects that range from a succulent garden for your sill to a teeny vegetable plot for your kitchen window. With a thorough introduction to soil, watering, and plant varieties, this is a great primer for anyone who’s green to gardening or looking to brighten up a small space.

Sibley Birds of Land, Sea, and Sky by David Allen Sibley

You don’t have to be an avid birder to love these charming, watercolor postcards of 50 beautiful birds from all over the country. Divided into five categories (Songbirds; Wading Birds; Owls and Raptors; Ducks, Geese, and Swans; and Woodpeckers), gift these postcards to your outdoorsy pals, frame them to add a delicate, rustic charm to your walls, or send them to your pen-pals abroad to give them a taste of springtime in the states.

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Gardener’s Log Book by The New York Botanical Garden

What better way to herald in spring and practice self-care than starting—or sprucing up—a garden? Take care of your window box or sprawling backyard oasis with this spiral-bound, five-year planner. Build your garden wish-lists, take note of the signs of spring that have you jumping into your gardening Wellies, doodle and write in the free space while you admire your handiwork, and track your vegetables and herbs in one beautiful, waterproof place from the New York Botanical Garden. Grab your seeds, grab your pens, and get ready to hit the soil.

Woodland Creatures by Kathryn Hunter

For nature enthusiasts and animal-lovers alike, this set of pocket-sized notebooks is an irresistible treat. Each of the 10 notebooks in this set by Blackbird Letterpress founder Kathryn Hunter features an illustration of a familiar woodland bird or beast on the cover. But wait! There’s a sneaky little surprise inside: open to the first page, and you’ll see the animal’s skeleton illustrated on the inside front cover!

Seeds and Pods by The New York Botanical Garden

We get it—you’re so pumped it’s spring, all you want to do is play in the grass, dig in the dirt, and inhale the sweet floral scents from the garden. Instead of keeping the sweet bliss of finally-not-winter all for yourself, share your love of spring with your friends, coworkers, family members, and even random people on the street with these 24 elegant, botanical postcards of rare seeds from The New York Botanical Garden. Encased in a handy little booklet, you can take these postcards on the go so you can indulge in the giving spirit whenever the spring fever hits you!

Backcountry Log by Kathryn Hunter

If you’re looking for a hiking adventure this spring, be sure to grab a copy of Blackbird Letterpress founder Kathryn Hunter’s Backcountry Log. Hunter, a former Yosemite National Park guide, has dreamt up a sturdy little companion for any outdoor explorer who likes to write or doodle on the trail. This portable logbook includes quotes from trusted nature writers (think Rachel Carson and Henry David Thoreau) as well as information on animal tracks and markings to keep hikers on their toes!

The Sibley Birder’s Life List and Field Diary by David Allen Sibley

So many people spend springtime staring down at the beautiful new blooms when they should also be turning their eyes up to the sky, birdwatching! From the lead ornithologist and best-selling author David Allen Sibley comes this perfectly portable field journal that’s any bird lover’s go-to outdoors companion—no matter their experience level. You don’t have to know the difference between a pileated woodpecker and a downy woodpecker to start using the birding checklists and note-taking space to record sightings, conveniently alongside the 1073 entries of different bird species found in the U.S. and Canada.

Look Big by Rachel Levin

Whether you spy grizzly bear tracks on the trail or find rodents dropping gifts on the floor of your city apartment, we all come into contact with animals on a regular basis. Look Big is an illustrated field guide for both city dwellers and outdoorsy folks that provides tips and tricks for fending off 50 of our most feared—or frustrating—wild animals. Enhance your knowledge of the wilderness before you go camping this year. You never know when you’ll come face to face with a hungry raccoon or an army of cockroaches!

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