• The cover of the book Long Lankin

    Long Lankin

    Originating from English folklore, Long Lankin is a creature that broke into homes to kill mothers and children. In this creepy-as-hell adaptation of the myth, two sisters are sent to live with a hostile aunt in a town held hostage by a terrible secret and must team up with two local boys in order to uncover it, before it’s too late. The only times when you’re going to look up from Long Lankin’s pages is to double and triple check that your windows have, in fact, been bolted shut.

  • The cover of the book A Good and Happy Child

    A Good and Happy Child

    Forced into therapy by his wife after he refuses to hold his newborn child, George is suddenly awash in memories from his childhood, from the traumatic death of his father to his mysterious new friend that nobody believed existed. What starts as a psychologically compelling story soon merges with darkly supernatural forces becoming a tour-de-force that twists and turns into a haunting conclusion.