• The cover of the book I Take You

    I Take You

    Despite her amazing, handsome, and sweet fiancé, Lily Wilder is incapable of monogamy and really shouldn’t be engaged at all. She’s a sharp-tongued lawyer, raucous, and a bit of a lush, but from page one, you’re rooting for her, perhaps in spite of yourself. Author Eliza Kennedy does a superb job of subtly subverting sexual stereotypes placed on men and women, and the end result is a sexy, fun romp—much like Lily’s flings with men in the week before her wedding.

  • The cover of the book Bennington Girls Are Easy

    Bennington Girls Are Easy

    The idyllic campus of Bennington College has always attracted the oddball—students on the fringe of their high school classes who flock to Bennington for the artistic freedom and the other free spirits. After graduation, best friends Cassandra and Sylvie move to New York City and expect to be welcomed: by HR departments, handsome artist lovers, and the city as a whole. But the bonds of their friendship end up being tested, as do their expectations of themselves and each other. This satirical read will have you screaming at Cassandra and Sylvie, and filled with relief that you’re no longer in that awkward post-grad-finding-yourself phase.

  • The cover of the book Local Girls

    Local Girls

    The Florida summer heat is stifling, and 19-year-olds Nina, Maggie, and Lindsay—all friends since childhood—are spending their days lazing at the beach and drinking long-necked beers at their favorite bar, The Shamrock. It isn’t until a chance encounter with movie star Sam Decker one night that changes their entire summer—and their lives. A poignant look at our culture’s obsession with celebrity, the carefully knitted fabric of female friendship, and how it can unravel as we grow up.