• The cover of the book Sleep No More

    Sleep No More

    Just like the chocolates on its cover, this collection likes to keep things short and sweet (and totally delectable) with six stories about murder. These tales will get you into the head of the perpetrators, keeping you on your toes while you figure out the why and how behind the mysteries.

  • The cover of the book The Witch Elm

    The Witch Elm

    Tana French is known for her popular Dublin Murder Squad series, but the thrills keep coming in this standalone novel. Toby is out celebrating a scrape at work when two burglars beat him and leave him for dead. Facing the uphill battle of his recovery, he returns to his family home to take care of his dying uncle. When a skull is mysteriously uncovered in his garden, Toby realizes his family history may not be what he’s believed.

  • The cover of the book Bellevue Square

    Bellevue Square

    Jean Mason leads a perfectly happy and ordinary life, working at the thriving bookstore she owns in Toronto. After multiple customers insist they’ve seen her in Kensington Market when she knows she wasn’t there, she decides to investigate. Obsession takes over as she forms a group to monitor Bellevue Park in search of her double. When more people want to join in on her search, Jean notices they’ve started disappearing, and she decides she must stop the person behind it.

  • The cover of the book Tell Me You're Mine

    Tell Me You're Mine

    Losing a child is a horrific experience, but when a young woman walks into Stella Widstrand’s office—a woman the same age her daughter, lost in a mysterious drowning accident, would have been—Stella can’t help but wonder if it’s her daughter she’s looking at. She becomes consumed with the idea and decides to find out by any means necessary—to the detriment of herself and everyone she loves.

  • The cover of the book Our House

    Our House

    Fiona Lawson and her estranged husband, Bram, have settled on a nesting arrangement for their family: both their children will stay in the family home, and the parents will switch off which days they live there. All seems to be going well—until Fiona comes home to find her family gone and strangers are moving in. Fiona must go in search of her children and the truth behind Bram’s many lies.

  • The cover of the book The Winters

    The Winters

    This modern take on Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca takes place in present-day Long Island, where a woman moves into the mansion her fiancé, Max, owns. As she falls deeper in love with him, she can’t seem to avoid the memories of his first wife, Rebekah, which seem to follow her around the house. She also can’t get away from Dani, Rebekah and Max’s teenage daughter, who’s hell-bent on ruining the life of her stepmother-to-be. The longer our narrator stays in the mansion, the closer she is to finding out family secrets that threaten her very existence.

  • The cover of the book Need to Know

    Need to Know

    Vivian Miller works in the CIA, actively trying to take down Russian spies. When her work leads her to a discovery she never could have imagined, she starts to question everything around her, and must decide what’s most important to her: her country, or her family?