• The cover of the book Last Hope Island

    Last Hope Island

    Usually, when people think of the Allied forces in World War II, they think of Great Britain, the United States, and Russia. Often overlooked though, is the story of the small European nations whose rulers had to flee to London as they continued to battle the Axis powers. In Olson’s work of nonfiction, the true accounts of such courageous monarchs like King Haakon of Norway and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and their small but brave countries’ contributions to the war efforts will shed new light on how the war was won.

  • The cover of the book High Society

    High Society

    Grace Kelly was already Hollywood royalty when she married Prince Rainer III of Monaco and became a real-life American princess. Featuring information taken from never-before seen interviews with Princess Grace and some of her famous colleagues, High Society shows the true story behind what was often perceived as a fairy tale story of a Philadelphia-girl-turned-Princess.

  • The cover of the book The Kitchen Boy

    The Kitchen Boy

    This fictional story tells the tale of the Romanov brothers, Nicholas and Alexander, in the days leading up to their murder. In a fresh take, the novel is told from the perspective of their young kitchen boy, Leonka. From there, it fast-forwards to the perspective of an older Leonka, the only one who was there at the time of murder, and possibly the only person who holds the key to the truth.

  • The cover of the book America's Queen

    America's Queen

    While Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis may never have officially reached queen status, the former First Lady did live a privileged life and was beloved by the American people. She was also the one who maintained the Camelot legacy of John F. Kennedy’s time in office, deeming them American royalty. This biography follows Jackie from her youth in New York City, through her time in the Greek isles, and offers all new insight on everything in between.