• The cover of the book The Conference of the Birds

    The Conference of the Birds

    Stunning illustrations accompany this adaptation of a long-beloved Sufi poem. Astonishingly apropos, the poem recounts a mission to gather all birds together and journey to meet the one true king. The flock travels through seven valleys: quest, love, understanding, detachment, unity, amazement, and death—ultimately guiding us to a universal message.

  • The cover of the book The Beautiful Struggle

    The Beautiful Struggle

    Shifting from advice to his son in Between the World and Me, Coates writes of his own father’s quest to keep his sons safe and shepherd them through to adulthood—not by insisting on conformity or by delving out punishment, but by teaching them about their heritage. As you might expect from his previous works, the coming-of-age story is written in Coates’ trademark lyrical language, and showcases the kind of love that lasts generations.