• The cover of the book The Secret Place

    The Secret Place

    “I KNOW WHO KILLED HIM.” Thus reads the card on the anonymous gossip board dubbed The Secret Place at an Irish girls’ boarding school. As two detectives from the Dublin Murder squad are called in to reopen a cold case, they’re drawn into their most fraught environment yet—the collective psyche of adolescent girls.

  • The cover of the book Attachments


    Written with the same sweet-but-never-precious emotionality of her YA offerings, Rowell’s Attachments is a You’ve Got Mail-style romance set in a modern office (already charmingly obsolete by 2016 technology standards).

  • The cover of the book Sharp Objects (Movie Tie-In)

    Sharp Objects (Movie Tie-In)

    “Every time people said I was pretty, I thought of everything ugly swarming beneath my clothes.” The master of dark complex protagonists tackles complicated mother-daughter relationships in this intense southern gothic thriller.

  • The cover of the book The Panopticon

    The Panopticon

    Anais Hendricks wakes up handcuffed in the back of a police car, her school uniform covered in blood, on the way to The Panopticon—a prison for young offenders built in the round so that prisoners can be seen and observed everywhere and at all times.  With no family to speak of and no memory at all of the crime she may have committed, Anais works to build a home for herself in the most unlikely of environments.