• The cover of the book Haunting the Deep

    Haunting the Deep

    Haunting the Deep is the sequel to the provocatively-titled novel How to Hang a Witch, which featured Samantha Mather as she relocated to Salem, Massachusetts. She wasn’t exactly embraced by the community, considering that she’s the descendant of the infamous Cotton Mather. Now, in the second novel, Sam finds herself seeing ghosts from the deadly wreck of the Titanic. Why is she seeing these souls—is she cursed? And what can she do about it? The sharp wit of this series earned it a comparison to Mean Girls, so check it out if you appreciate a little sass with your thrill.

  • The cover of the book The Breathless

    The Breathless

    What happened the night Roxanne Cole died? No one knows what truly went down—only that her body was discovered, and her boyfriend, Cage, disappeared the same night. Everyone assumed Cage was responsible for her death, until he shows up in town a year later, asking to see Ro. It turns out he’s lost his memory, and though Mae, Ro’s sister, doesn’t believe him, she also knows something hasn’t been right since that fateful night. It’s a chilling and haunting exploration of loss, love, and the secrets we all keep.

  • The cover of the book One of Us Is Lying

    One of Us Is Lying

    In the style of The Breakfast Club, this novel brings together five very different students in detention at Bayview High. Bronwyn is known as a smart girl who follows the rules, while Nate is already on probation for dealing drugs. Addy is the popular and gorgeous Homecoming princess, and Cooper, the baseball star. And Simon, well, he’s created a gossip app for Bayview that cements his outsider status. All these teens go into a classroom together, but Simon doesn’t make it out. Which one of them killed him, and why? After all, they all had a motive. It’s a sharp whodunit that takes you on twists and turns you’ll never see coming.

  • The cover of the book Little Monsters

    Little Monsters

    Kara lived a wild life with her mother, but now that she’s moved in with her father and his family, she’s the new girl in town. She’s enjoying the relative quiet of Broken Falls, and even makes friends at school. But everything changes in an instant when one of those friends, Bailey, doesn’t come home one night. Suddenly, the people Kara thought were her friends turn on her, and everyone’s asking what she knows about Bailey’s disappearance. Kara must learn who she can and can’t trust in this fast-paced novel of deceit, lies, and everything in between.

  • The cover of the book Genuine Fraud

    Genuine Fraud

    E. Lockhart is best known for the smash hit YA novel We Were Liars, and her new novel is just as compulsively readable. Imogen is a former orphan and current wealthy heiress. She has a strange amount in common with her friend Jule, who happens to be on the run from police—but why? That’s the provocative question in this novel. Lockhart drops you at the end of the story, and you must puzzle your way through it, as clue after clue falls into place. It’s a jet-setting novel that takes you around the world, but the real question at the heart of it is Jule. Who is she, and what is she hiding from?

  • The cover of the book Fragments of the Lost

    Fragments of the Lost

    Jessa Whitworth knows her boyfriend Caleb is dead, but she can’t quite bring herself to accept it. She carries intense guilt about their final moments together, and she knows many people blame her for the accident that took his life. As she’s packing up his room—a request from Caleb’s mother—his belongings bring forth painful memories. What if her relationship with Caleb wasn’t quite what Jessa thought? As she’s forced to reexamine everything she thought she knew about their time together, Jessa begins to reconsider the truth about what happened on that fateful night.