• The cover of the book Mamaleh Knows Best

    Mamaleh Knows Best

    There are few stereotypes more recognizable than the Jewish mother. This book challenges the cliché and teaches people of any background how they can bring up a child who is a good human being (not to mention well-fed). Not only will you get tips to help your children succeed, but you won’t stop laughing along the way.

  • The cover of the book Among the Living

    Among the Living

    This novel is set after the Holocaust, but it’s definitely not your typical story of the era. The main character, Yitzhak, is a survivor who moves to a thriving Jewish community in Savannah, Georgia to live with his only remaining family after the war ends. While remaining hopeful, Yitzhak has to come to terms with the racial divide during the Jim Crow era, as well as among groups of Jewish residents in his new community.

  • The cover of the book Little Failure

    Little Failure

    Like many Jewish children, Gary Shteyngart was taught the only way he could be a success was by becoming a lawyer or a doctor. Instead, he became a writer—and thus, a little failure in his father’s eyes. This memoir about life as a Russian Jewish immigrant will connect with anyone who didn’t follow their parents’ dreams for them, no matter their background.