• The cover of the book American War

    American War

    Sarat Chestnut is only six when the Second American Civil War breaks out in 2074. Oil is outlawed, Louisiana is half underwater, and unmanned drones fill the sky. When her father is killed and her family is forced into a camp for displaced persons, Sarat is befriended by a mysterious functionary, under whose influence she is turned into a deadly instrument of war. The decisions that she makes will have tremendous consequences not just for Sarat but for her family and her country.

  • The cover of the book The Wolf Road

    The Wolf Road

    When Elka was seven years old, wandering lost and hungry in the wilderness, a solitary hunter named Trapper took her in and taught her how to survive in a desolate land. Civilization has been destroyed, crater lakes formed by Russian bombs leak chemicals into the Earth, and men are at the mercy of the elements and each other. When Elka discovers that Trapper has been harboring a terrible secret, she flees into the forest. For once Elka knows he is a killer, she may become his next victim.