• The cover of the book As Bright as Heaven

    As Bright as Heaven

    Set during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918, As Bright as Heaven follows a family navigating tragedy and hardship in early twentieth century Philadelphia. For Pauline Bright and her family, Philadelphia was to be a new start. However, a crippling pandemic and the arrival of a recently orphaned baby take their lives in a wholly unexpected direction.

  • The cover of the book We Must Be Brave

    We Must Be Brave

    This debut novel from Frances Liardet is a stirring and haunting tale of tragedy, hope, and the power of love. We Must Be Brave centers around Ellen Parr who discovers a small child asleep in the back of a bus during the December 1940 evacuation of Southampton, England. Despite not wanting children, she takes the child, Pamela, into her life and eventually, her heart, until tragedy strikes, upending both of their lives.

  • The cover of the book McGlue


    Set in 1851, this novella opens with the titular character sobering up in a holding cell in Salem, Massachusetts. McGlue is too drunk to be sure of his name, let alone whether or not he killed a man. His memory is hazy at best and, given that the man he may have killed was his best friend, McGlue may prefer that it stays that way.

  • The cover of the book The Paragon Hotel

    The Paragon Hotel

    This Prohibition-era thriller follows “Nobody” Alice James, a wounded woman on the run from a drug and liquor deal gone horribly wrong. She’s fleeing cross-country to what will hopefully be a safe haven in Oregon. However, the sanctuary at Portland’s only all-black hotel is marred by the arrival of the Ku Klux Klan and the search for a missing mixed-race child.

  • The cover of the book The Frolic of the Beasts

    The Frolic of the Beasts

    Translated to English for the first time, The Frolic of Beasts begins in rural Japan shortly after World War II. It centers around the bizarre love triangle between a former university student named Koji, a celebrated literary critic, and the critic’s wife. It is a haunting examination of obsession, desire, and ultimately murder.

  • The cover of the book The Girls in the Picture

    The Girls in the Picture

    Amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood circa 1914, twenty-five-year-old Frances Marion is striking out on her own. Determined to realize her dreams, she’s left her second husband and made her way to L.A. just as a stunning medium—silent moving pictures—is coming into its own. Frances soon finds herself caught up in this extraordinary new frontier in entertainment, as well as the complexities, dueling loyalties, and heartbreak that come with it.

  • The cover of the book The Golden Tresses of the Dead

    The Golden Tresses of the Dead

    Alan Bradley’s delightfully British adolescent sleuth, Flavia de Luce, is once again on the case—this time, at her own sister’s wedding. Recently having made the decision to take her detective status from amateur to professional, Flavia is in the perfect position to solve a mystery that is perhaps too close to home: how a severed human finger made its into her sister’s wedding cake.

  • The cover of the book Annelies


    What if Anne Frank had survived the Holocaust? That is the question at the center of this powerful novel by David R. Gillham. At sixteen years old, Anne Frank has survived extraordinary tragedy including the loss of her mother and sister. Now reunited with her father in Amsterdam, she struggles to rebuild her life and escape the brutal memories and guilt that haunt her.

  • The cover of the book That Churchill Woman

    That Churchill Woman

    Victorian London hasn’t seen anything quite like the fiercely independent socialite Jennie Jerome. She arrives in London at nineteen years old to marry Lord Randolph Churchill, the son of a Duke she’s only known for three days. The marriage throws her into the maelstrom of British politics and society. She’ll eventually give birth to a man who would help define the twentieth century, but her story is a remarkable one on its own.

  • The cover of the book Finding Dorothy

    Finding Dorothy

    This brilliantly imagined novel takes readers deep behind the scenes of one of the most influential films in cinema history, The Wizard of Oz. In 1938, seventy-seven-year-old Maud Gage Baum discovers MGM is adapting her late husband’s beloved novel to the screen. She immediately sets about ensuring the production stay to true to husband’s work, but in the process, she develops an unlikely relationship with the film’s rising star, Judy Garland.

  • The cover of the book The Secret of Clouds

    The Secret of Clouds

    An unexpected tragedy forces a ballerina named Katya and her lover Sasha to emigrate to the United States. Years later, with the tragedy now firmly behind them, they give birth to a son named Yuri who is tragically born with a rare medical condition that isolates him from other children. Yuri is tutored by a woman named Maggie with her own tragic past, and eventually, the two forge a deep bond that will leave Maggie forever changed.

  • The cover of the book Corregidora


    Gayl Jones’ classic novel centers around a blues singer named Ursa whose searing hatred for the nineteenth-century slave master who fathered her mother and grandmother threatens to consume her. It is a breathtaking exploration on the toll of trauma and deep, sometimes painful, roots of family history.

  • The cover of the book The Other Lady Vanishes

    The Other Lady Vanishes

    Set against the backdrop of a resort town in 1930’s California, The Other Lady Vanishes follows Adelaide Blake, who recently extricates herself from a private sanitarium. Eager to make a new life for herself, she is quickly swept into a seaside community that serves as a haven for the Hollywood elite and is also a place where nothing is quite what it seems. The murder of a local medium catapults Adelaide into the center of deadly mystery and into crosshairs of a very dangerous killer.

  • The cover of the book American Spy

    American Spy

    Lauren Wilkinson’s debut novel is an espionage mystery that mines an incendiary romance, political upheaval, and a thought-provoking condemnation of race relations to create an unflinching page-turner of a thriller. In 1986, a young black intelligence officer named Marie Mitchell is sent deep undercover to infiltrate Burkina Faso and seduce the nation’s charismatic president, Thomas Sankara, with an eye toward ultimately deposing him. However, her sympathies for Thomas Sankara’s mission and ideology threaten to unravel the career she’s worked so hard for.