17 Books Emma Roberts Recommends on Instagram

The Scream Queens star is a bonafide bookworm.

Most recently on the small screen, Emma Roberts played self-absorbed Chanel Oberlin (RIP Scream Queens), whose idea of a good read was most likely a harshly-worded tweet. Unlike her character, Emma is a certified bookworm, frequently posting pictures of the books she’s reading and her favorite places to purchase them. Emma’s Instagram is full of book lover inspiration as she gives us ideas for our next read and how to capture the beauty of books we’re already reading.

Science fiction has become increasingly popular, especially with the current political climate around the world. Emma’s on top of the trend by reading the classic The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury on World Book Day. Always on point, her outfit (covered in planets and moons) matches the plot of the book.

Most commuters will agree that books can make a long train ride much better—sometimes we get so caught up we might even miss our stop. Emma is proud to read on the subway, even forgoing eBooks for a solid hardcover copy of South and West by Joan Didion.

Emma not only likes posting pictures of herself reading in her natural habitat, she also wants to share her reading experience with fans. This pic served as the announcement for her new bookclub, @belletrist.

There’s almost nothing as thrilling as meeting the author of one of your favorite books. Emma Roberts is not immune to the excitement, sharing a photo of the time she met Ariel Levy, the author of The Rules Do Not Apply, one of Emma’s favorite books.

Post Christmas dinner looks delicious! #currentlyreading @harborbookssgh

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Who needs dessert after dinner when you can have books? Emma shared some of her post-Christmas dinner reading alongside her beautifully decorated tree.

Fresh juice and a fresh read #CurrentlyReading #Sunday #HomeSweetHome @sarahdomet @juicero

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Sometimes you need a nice cold drink while reading. Luckily for Emma, she can make her own juice while waiting to read The Guineveres by Sarah Domet.

Emma likes to accessorize while diving into some short stories. Here she’s using protection crystals to make sure no interrupts her reading of I’ll Tell You in Person by Chloe Caldwell.

I love October days ????????❤???? #CurrentlyReading

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Fall is the perfect time to cuddle up with a good book. Emma even brings along a candle for some added warmth and ambiance while reading Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett.

Another day, another book signing for Emma Roberts. Here she is with Sweetbitter author Stephanie Danler.

It’s always such a great feeling to share a favorite book with friends and see what they think of it. Emma loved A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit so much (recommended to her by Stephanie Danler, author of Sweetbitter), she decided to share it with her work friends.

#CurrentlyReading #TheGirls #Bluets #MenExplainThingsToMe

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Sometimes reading one book a time just doesn’t make sense, especially when there are multiple books you want to read at the moment. Emma manages to read three books at once, and it doesn’t give her the blues—in fact, these titles (The Girls by Emma Cline, Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit and Bluets by Maggie Nelson) all look great together.

Who’s with us? @camasutra

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Summer reading lists may have started as a way to get kids to read during vacation, but now it’s evolved into a way to get the most reading done during those extra hours of sunlight. Last summer, Emma had quite a long and lofty reading list (Proust! Camus! Keats! Murakami!) and shared her bed with many of the books on her list.

#currentlyreading @clairebidwell ☁????

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Sometimes we’re so busy reading, we don’t take the time to enjoy the view outside. Emma reminds us (while reading After This by Claire Bidwell Smith) that it’s ok to look up every once in a while, and admire our beautiful surroundings.

#CurrentlyReading Snow day essentials ☃

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Books and breakfast are always a perfect combination. We just hope Emma’s croissant didn’t get crumbs in her copy of My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem!

Best Christmas ever ???? hope everyone is happy and surrounded by love today!!!

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We’ve always thought books make the best gifts, and are happy to see Emma agrees. Emma was very happy to receive three books in her Christmas haul—Wildflower by Drew Barrymore, Dear Mr. You by Mary-Louise Parker and Gold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins.

Currently reading (and falling in love with)

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Emma appreciates the classics like Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. The black and white filter gives this picture an old-school feel but the Starbucks cup reminds us we’re very much in the 21st century.

Can’t wait to start this book!!

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We already knew Emma loved accessorizing while reading her books, but now we know she likes putting accessories ON her books too. Emma’s copy of Ian McEwan’s The Children Act looks radiant with the additional bling.

Featured image: Emma Roberts/Instagram.com

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