• The cover of the book Seuss-isms!


    When they’ve heard enough from their teachers, it’s time to check in with a doctor! Dr. Seuss, that is. This whimsical guide—for “Those Just Starting Out…And Those Already on Their Way”—is brimming with memorable and inspiring quotes for your favorite young (or young-at-heart) grad. Pulling from classics like The Cat in the Hat and Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, this winsome guide has a little something for everyone.

  • The cover of the book Graduation Mad Libs

    Graduation Mad Libs

    It’s common knowledge that when you _______ school, you toss your ______ into the air. Everyone loves a creative, fun-filled classic, and these diploma-worthy Mad Libs will have grads of all ages rolling in the aisles with laughter. After all the exams and papers, work out your funny bone with this ideal gift.

  • The cover of the book In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It

    In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It

    In this heartfelt, wise selection, the iconic Gilmore Girls actor sounds off with equal measures of wisdom and inspiration. Expanding on a speech she delivered at her hometown high school, Graham speaks directly to the sense of curiosity and ambition many grads feel, and reminds us to keep compassion close at heart and always stay grounded.

  • The cover of the book How to Win at College

    How to Win at College

    Congrats, you got in! Now, how to make the most of college? This incisive book is ready with answers, whether you’re clueless about how late to study (“Never pull an all-nighter!”) or pondering bigger questions. Culling secrets from top universities, this guide presents 75 simple rules to success and how to make the most of those priceless years.

  • The cover of the book The College Dorm Survival Guide

    The College Dorm Survival Guide

    Utilizing a blend of practical advice and inside knowledge, this guide provides a tried-and-true roadmap to tough dorm situations. Whether they’re in search of the ideal residence hall setup, coping with a mismatched roommate, or finding their way through freshman stress, it’s an ideal touchpoint to get the new grad in your life on the right track.

  • The cover of the book Tuesdays with Morrie

    Tuesdays with Morrie

    Proving that learning never stops—even after graduation—this touching story reveals the power of valuing a treasured mentorship, and why it’s never too late to rekindle one. As the author faces his twilight years, he connects with his college professor from decades earlier. This book provides life lessons for student and teacher, and makes a wondrous gift for grads (and professors!) of all stripes.

  • The cover of the book The Designing Your Life Workbook

    The Designing Your Life Workbook

    In need of a jumpstart, but not sure where to start? This dynamic guide to mapping your life might help. Based on a popular Stanford course about the idea of life design, this workbook (and companion to Designing Your Life) uses a variety of interactive tools—from questions and journaling to charts and worksheets—to help you plan and realize your fullest potential.

  • The cover of the book Mandela's Way

    Mandela's Way

    Distilling the timeless lessons of Nelson Mandela and his lifelong journey, this book offers a primer for grads on how to live with integrity, embrace non-violence, and showcase remarkably indelible character. Concentrated into 15 essential lessons, this impassioned book will urge each grad to uplift themselves and others to the highest peaks.

  • The cover of the book 50 Ways to Get a Job

    50 Ways to Get a Job

    Written by a career expert, this industry-tested guide presents actionable techniques you can employ during every stage of your job search, from the earliest résumé-writers to those more seasoned seekers. Marrying a blend of anecdotes, advice, and quick-step exercises, this book will help propel you to your next great stage.

  • The cover of the book Ask a Manager

    Ask a Manager

    This practical guide by a popular advice columnist helps recent grads navigate the professional minefield of the office. Tackling evergreen questions and issues like what to do when you catch a colleague in a lie to how to handle it when your boss isn’t quite so thrilled with your work, this wise gift will help new employees through over 200 tricky situations.

  • The cover of the book I Just Graduated ... Now What?

    I Just Graduated ... Now What?

    Sourced across fields including media, tech, fashion, business, and more, this book seeks to answer recent grads’ conundrums: choosing between a passion-driven career and a well-compensated one; how to effectively balance life, work, and friendships; and myriad other questions. With wisdom from luminaries like Anderson Cooper, Blake Mycoskie, and Gayle King, there’s something for every grad through these success stories.

  • The cover of the book 101 Things I Learned in Engineering School

    101 Things I Learned in Engineering School

    Thinking of post-collegiate education? Straight from an expert, this entertaining-yet-accessible book lays out the unexpected lessons learned in engineering courses everywhere. Informing, unique, and packed with real-world examples, you’ll soon learn why “buildings want to float, and cars want to fly.” And if your grad’s more curious about city planning or allured by ads, the series also offers 101 Things I Learned in Urban Design School and 101 Things I Learned in Advertising School.

  • The cover of the book The Book of Joy

    The Book of Joy

    Asking “how do we find joy in the face of life’s inevitable suffering?” might seem too big to ponder. But through that question, the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu unfold lessons of value, joy, and happiness that can help everyone. From outlining the Obstacles to the Eight Pillars of Joy and weaving in their own lessons, this remarkable read will leave you reflective as you embark on your next phase of life.