• The cover of the book The Night Circus

    The Night Circus

    This gorgeous, atmospheric novel was a hit with both critics and readers alike. It follows two characters, Celia and Marco, who are magicians trained since childhood for a single purpose: to destroy one another. It’s an incredibly written story about the magic of falling in love, as these protagonists born to be rivals start finding themselves in one another.

  • The cover of the book Modern Girls

    Modern Girls

    This story of mother and daughter takes place in a Jewish community in 1930s New York. Dottie’s daily life is like any other young woman’s in New York: she works as a bookkeeper in Manhattan and spends time with her fiancé and her friends. But when Dottie finds herself in an unexpected situation, one that no good Jewish girl should be in, she turns to her immigrant mother, Rose, for help. Rose has issues of her own, and the two must depend on each other to decide what they believe in, and where their lives go from here.